[[ 'Integration with' |translate:'/integrations' ]] Shopify

[[ 'About' |translate:'/integrations' ]]

Shopify [[ 'is a commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between.' |translate:'/integrations' ]]

[[ 'With the Integration' |translate:'/integrations' ]] [[ 'you will automatically sync customer information and purchase history data from your Shopify store to MailerLite. Use the data to send targeted email campaigns that bring customers back to your store.' |translate:'/integrations' ]]

[[ 'Setup' |translate:'/integrations' ]]

  1. [[ 'Install the Shopify plugin' |translate:'/integrations' ]] [[ 'from their store' |translate:'/integrations' ]] [[ 'and navigate to the apps section inside Shopify.' |translate:'/integrations' ]]
  2. [[ 'In the apps section select MailerLite and enter your API key.' |translate:'/integrations' ]]
  3. [[ 'The next step is to choose subscriber group where you want to save Shopify customers.' |translate:'/integrations' ]]

[[ 'Your MailerLite account is now connected with your Shopify store. Customer data will be immediately updated after any change in the Shopify store.' |translate:'/integrations' ]]

[[ 'Now that you\'re connected, you can also enable our popup subscribe forms from your MailerLite account. They will be automatically displayed in your Shopify Store.' |translate:'/integrations' ]]

[[ 'E-commerce Integration' |translate:'/integrations' ]]

[[ 'Track your e-commerce sales, automatically add products from your store and create powerful automations.' |translate:'/integrations' ]]

Your account API key