3 Things for Performers Report

"This book is needed...
it's practical, clear,
absolutely dead on with its techniques.”

- Sarah Jane Redmond, Actress

AuditionCraft for Film & TV by working actor, Linda Darlow is a 'how-to' manual, using guidelines that any actor can follow in preparing for an on-camera audition.

It covers: "The Craft" -- giving the actor specific tools to use when working on the material for an audition; "The Mastery" -- laying out a technique for handling the logistics of auditioning: from preparing at home, to getting there, to being in the room, to what to do when it's over; and, "The Reality" -- explaining what it will take to have not only a successful but a satisfying and rewarding acting career. It has frequently been called the most practical, comprehensive and "user-friendly" book of its kind on the market!

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As the saying goes, the level of success of a business can hinge on...


Well, believe it or not, your Callback Success Rates can be directly impacted simply by the Casting Location of your Audition.

Imagine if you were able to run a report on your Acting Career and see which specific Casting Locations you do not do well at...

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