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Biweekly Cybersecurity Newsletter - Nov 9th, 2016

Trump's approach to cybersecurity

Donald Trump takes over the presidency at a time of increased anxiety about cybersecurity and consumer privacy. High-profile data breaches at insurance companies, healthcare providers, major retailers, government agencies – and his vanquished opponent’s own aides-- illustrate a need for action. He promises immediate action on Cybersecurity in his adminstration, speaking of cyberthreat in military terms. Trump plans to set up a cyber review team comprised of military, law enforcement, and private industry members, to assess US cyber defenses and weaknesses. The Cyber Review Team will provide specific recommendations for safeguarding different entities with the best defense technologies tailored to the likely threats. Check out key propositions outlined in his cybersecurity platform.


Arizona man arrested for hacking email accounts at universities

Jonathan Powell, a 29-year-old Phoenix resident, was arrested on charges of hacking into over 1,000 email accounts for students and others at two universities in New York and Pennsylvania, and tried to do the same at 75 other higher-education institutions throughout the country. Powell found a loophole into the password reset system,  and he used it to change the password of student email accounts. He then used these hacked email accounts to reset the password of other services where the email address was used to register user accounts, such as Facebook, Apple iCloud, Google, Yahoo, or LinkedIn. Authorities charged Powell with one count of fraud in connection with computers. The maximum sentence for this charge is five years in a federal prison.


Security: from the basement to the boardroom

Not so long ago ‘cyber-security' was a term rarely uttered in most boardrooms. It was left up to the guys in the basement to ensure that systems and data were safe in case any bad guy showed up unannounced. Security breaches are now on the front page almost every day and causing major headaches for companies that didn't place quite as much importance on the issue as they should have. Information security has started to gain the attention of the C-suite, but it's still a long way from being considered business critical – which is where it should be.


Pharmaceutical Firm District Managers sentenced For HIPAA Violations

Three former district managers of Rockaway, N.J.-based pharmaceutical company Warner Chilcott have been sentenced for healthcare fraud and HIPAA violations in order to increase sales of Warner Chilcott osteoporosis drugs. The three managers told members of the sales team to access protected health information in order to obtain prior authorization for Atelvia and Actonel, two osteoporosis drugs that weren’t covered by most insurance companies at the time. 

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US Charges Several In India Call Center Scam

A massive phone scam, which cheated around 15,000 people out of over $250 million, has been busted by US and Indian authorities and 61, including 20 in the US, are charged with the crime. The scheme involved fake calls from call centers in India with the accused posing as officials from the Internal Revenue Service or immigration services and threatening victims with arrest and penalties if not paid outstanding tax dues.

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