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Welcome one and all!

Welcome to issue Three of the Raven Weekly! 

A new weekly newsletter that highlights the artistic endeavors of Studio-Aegis, myself!

Greetings everyone! I hope your all doing well and persisting in these troubled times.

I started work this week on drafting up Red Riding Hood Standards Bio for the Lore section of my site.

It's taking a bit longer than I Hoped it would, but its also helping me to flesh out some aspects of the character I hadn't put too much thought into up till now.

One of the more interesting factoids that rose up in the development of these characters was... what to name them?

It didn't feel right for me to force names onto to what has historically been an unnamed mythical character.

Though I couldn't just have 4 Red Riding Hoods and not have them named something. Thus I started using place holders, concerning key aspects of each characters idfentity.

Before long they stuck to such a degree that I had to make an in world explanation as to why their named Standard, Orphan, Prisoner, and Vampire.

What I eventually developed that that Standard, the de facto leader of the Crimson Dames, upon having originally met Prisoner and Orphan in the forest exclaimed,

"No! No names! I wont be alive long enough for it to matter and knowing my name will only cause you further burden upon my death."

Red Riding Hood Prisoner tickled at the concept opted to call herself Prisoner, due to having been one so long that it was at the core of her being.

Red Riding Hood Orphan, chose hers due to it most clearly defining her state of being in the world, even more so profoundly than being a werewolf.

Red Riding Hood Standard, begrudgingly chose her title due to that being what her life had centered around for so long.

Not just because she was her peoples standard bearer, but more so because on top of those responsibilities she was always looked upon by her people as the standard that all other youths should aspire to.

It's a name that very much changes the goals she was working towards up to that point. Her life strayed from the path of becoming a suicidal avenger to that of a protector to the young woman who'd chosen to rally under her banner, and would eventually extend to the other denizens of the Eidolon Forest.

Those people whose very lives were being threatened by the blood thirsty nature of The Fang.

Then there was Red Riding Hood Vampire...

Sketch Rewards

And now here is a selection of some sketch rewards I completed over the past week!

A couple of these wound up being 2 day sketches. Hrmm, can they really be called sketches at that point? I guess their more refined line art than a true sketch.

Is quite tiring at times being cursed to relentlessly pursue perfection at all times. It really slows down my output. I need to find some way to speed up my output without loosing any quality.

Check out some of my previous Sketch Rewards?

Special Offers!
Patron Special Offer!

Patrons don't forget this is your last chance to claim a Sketch request!

This month (April 2020) I'm offering ALL of my patrons a sketch request as a special thank you for sticking with me during a recent bout of illness / depression (Not Covid related, thankfully)

Learn how you can claim your "Sketch Reward" here! 

As little as $2 to participate for newcomers.

Pledge Exchange!

Patrons who opt to switch their pledges from Patreon to my new set up on Studio-Aegis will also qualify for a Sketch Request.

Doing so will help your donations to stretch that much further by removing Patreon as an unnecessary middleman from our exchange.

I will also refund your first payment to ensure you're not double charged!

Fan Art Submission!

This weeks Fan Art highlight features this gorgeous piece by the amazing Hinomars, commissioned by the ever influential Sephzero of my character Reina, from my "Shards of Persona" series offshoot.

Hinomars has this classic 90s anime style that is really something to behold, While Sephzero is a rather prolific patron of the arts and a writer to boot! His efforts have helped many artist to have more consistent incomes!

Be sure to check out their galleries and send some love their way!

Has always fascinated me how popular this character seems to be among my many creations.

Reina is the young Chieftainess of the Aurochsen people who was forced to abandon her humanity for the sake of defending her people.

She takes on the mantle of Prairie Guardian in the form of the impossibly strong Minotauress Historia.

Only as a Minotauress does she have the strength and wisdom necessary to best the agents of the vile Lich Cerdrych.

An ancient undead sorcerer who seeks to exploit her people for the purposes of harvesting Focuser Crystals.

A lethal reagent that would greatly magnify his power and infinitely expand his dark influence over their world.


Self Isolate in style! XD

I only make like $2-$4 per sale on these shirts but having my works out in the wild were they can be discovered by new fans is invaluable. ^ _^

Moonlit Transformation
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Gill Gal - Vampire Draculina
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Novella Progress Report!

Writing is currently 15% Complete

  • First Draft is 20% Complete

Illustrations are 35% Complete

  • 20 illustrations complete or needing minor revisions.
  • 14 penciled waiting to be inked.
  • 10-20 currently being conceptualized.
Unfortunately my progress must yet again take a breather while I work on pumping out some Sketch Rewards.

The number of prize winners from this months "Role For Loot" contest were significant so it will be a week or two before I can get back to finishing up the inks for my next illustration, which is about 30% complete inking wise.

I'm always a tad bummed out when I have to do non Crimson Dames work, but it will all be worth it in the end. ^ o^

I just wish I could vastly up my pace, feels like my peers are often leaving me in the dust at times.


And that concludes issue Three of the Raven Weekly!

Don't forget I'm still seeking good questions to use in my F.A.Q. Page

Keep safe out there and be sure to do your best to aid those in need of a pick me up.

While we might not have the power to change the world all at once we can help make things better for those around us, even if just a tad.

The effort will eventually be reciprocated in kind as well. ^ _^ /

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