Monthly Gazette - Issue 3.03 - March 2016

In like a LION and out like a LAMB -- that's what we are all hoping for, up here in Canada! (check out the links above for some adorable crocheted items!)

Besides the weather, what else are we hoping for, for the month of March? Well, we have March Break (oh the crocheting that can be done!!) and we have St. Patrick's Day - and that means lots of green... which takes me to the last item on my "hoping" list: green grass, green plants popping their noses out of the ground, and spring, spring, spring! 

As for crocheting, I am "hoping" to catch up on my crocheting projects and to come up with some really cool creations to have available at Gatherings that I host. 

So many things - so many possibilities. Well, I'd better stop daydreaming and get MARCHing on! 


Interview with a Crocheter

"My name is Fabrizio; I am originally from Italy (Piemonte) but now live in Barcelona. I am a big fan of Japanese culture and when I discovered amigurumis I knew that I had to learn how to make them. [...This] is just one of my passions, I also like drawing, pottery, printing and much more, anything that has to do with art and creativity makes me curious and wanting to learn more.

The best part comes when I manage to mix some of these skills and create something unique like the case of amigurumi and illustrations." 

Read the entire interview with mencantoo


The Hexagon Bedspread and Temperature Afghan are continuing on and we've added another challenge: using up your scrap yarn, a little of this and a little of that, you know--just a little project to fill in the time!

Temperature Afghan
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Skill Sharing: The Granny Square


Frills Baby Nest

Creator: mobilecrafts

Tea Cup and Saucer


More Captivating Crochet.Community Creations


coming soon

(watch for the upcoming announcement)

Theme Of The Month: St. Patrick's Day

Wreath: by Lisa

Teddy Bear Hat: by Jo Schrepfer

St. Patrick's Day Theme
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