Wouldn’t you love to see God move in your life and your situation?

Especially in places where it just seems like things are just stuck?

I would. And I’d like to help you.

That’s why I created a gift just for you—a life-changing devotional called Soar.

As I look back now on the inspirational true story I tell in my book Faith with Wingsincluding how God used several books and even a fictional movie to change my life—I find it just plain amazing what God did.

I’m also in awe at how much God did in a short period of time in response to one simple prayer. My entire relationship with God is different now. And that shift in our relationship has changed everything else.

God surprised me by what he is willing to do to have deep, authentic relationships with his children.

Couldn’t you use some of that about now?

That’s exactly what your free copy of Soar is for.

You can have a life-changing experience with God while using this one simple resource, Soar.

With 7 pages of Bible verses, reflections, and prayer prompts, you can soar in ways you haven’t even previously dreamed were possible.

Get Your Free PDF Copy of Soar Here & Start Today

Your free copy of Soar can be used by itself, or in combination with my book Faith with Wings. Each of the 12 meditations of Soar corresponds with one of the 12 chapters of Faith with Wings, and complements the discussion questions found at the end of that book.

Whether you use Soar by itself or alongside Faith with Wings, I am confident that as you open your heart authentically to God through the devotions in Soar, he will work powerfully in your life.

And that is why I don’t want you to lose any time getting started on your own personal journey.

So, let’s go!

Get Your Free PDF Copy of Soar Here & Start Today

Recommended Reading & Resources

  • The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind by Bill Johnson – I highly recommend this book! I also recommend reading it immediately after When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson. This power-packed pair of books is life-changing in the best way.
  • Susie Larson is offering a free online study from her Fully Alive book, starting July 6. Signup deadline is July 5. No purchase is required to participate, but when you sign up, you’ll receive a discount on the book. I’ve used the Fully Alive book and companion videos, and they are excellent. Registration is here: https://myfaithradio.com/2020/fully-alive-online-study-susie-larson/.
  • A Rumored Fortune, & Finding Lady Enderly by Joanna Davidson Politano – These are two artful and beautiful pieces of redemptive fiction I’ve recently read and greatly enjoyed, from one of the other Christian authors taking part in the Inspirational Book & eReader Giveaway below!

Contest Extended through July 8!

There’s still time to get in on the Inspirational Book & eReader Giveaway!

Two winners will each receive 60+ inspirational fiction and nonfiction books—including my new book, Faith with Wings. One Grand Prize winner will also receive an eReader. Enter here: bit.ly/InspyReads-June2020.

Parting Words

God works in so many ways—through people, nature, animals—and, for many people, through books, both nonfiction and fiction, that speak life. Maybe you have experienced that recently?

One of my favorite authors is Dora Saint, a woman who wrote under a pen name throughout the second half of the 20th century, creating fictional books that brought so much life to me as I read and re-read them. That’s one of the goals I have for my own books, whether nonfiction or fiction: to bring you life as you read them.

I’m curious: When you recall some of the books—other than the Bible—that have brought the most life to you, were they fiction or nonfiction?

I’d love for you to hit reply and let me know.


To your freedom, health, & wholeness,



AmyLu Riley, Author



P.S. Get Your Free Copy of the Soar Devotional Here

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