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This informative webinar will cover 3 important aspects about the newly released ISO 9001-2015. The topics are below. 

1.Changes in the standard

2.Risk - Based Thinking 

3.What to consider when changing your QMS  

1. Some important changes we will cover

Documentation - less prescriptive

Leadership - additional engagement including defining organizational context in the scope

Enhanced process approach - deeper level of systems thinking

Risk  - how and where to apply risk- based thinking in your QMS

2. Risk - Based Thinking

We will discuss risk-based thinking, a new requirement that will enhance your hospital’s patient safety focus. This perspective is a little different from the traditional Risk Managers job.

3. Transition Planning

We will discuss effective transition planning to ensure that you create a realistic plan that will help you align your resources to meet your requirements, as well as those of DNV-GL, and your patients.

This is probably the first time your organization has had to plan a transition for ISO 9001. Commonly, when healthcare requirements change, the change happens almost immediately; this is not the case with ISO. 

How to have a successful transition

Understand the ISO 9001 changes.

Understand what the standard means by risk - based thinking and how to demonstrate that you are including risk- based thinking. 

Properly identifying WHAT  to consider when your organization begins planning your QMS transition. Remember, fail to plan, plan to fail.

 This FREE webinar is limited to twenty (20) participants per session. For your convenience, we are offering this webinar several  times. For more information, click on the button below or visit us at

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ISO 9001 Transition Webinar Promotion

Now through November 30th, BlueSynergy will be giving one-half hour of transition advice FREE when you purchase all three (3) of the transition webinars.

These include:

  • 2015 Transition Planning- A sixty (60) minute working webinar limited to five (5) participants to create a basic plan for your individual hospital to begin the transition plan to ISO 9001-2015. A Gantt chart will be used for the planning process. Cost is $199.00/person

  • 2015 Changes- A sixty (60) minute working webinar limited to five (5) participants to discuss the new requirements using a cross-walk for 9001-2008 to 9001-2015. These changes include enhanced process management, new requirements for leadership, and risk-based thinking. Cost is $199.00/person

    • Risk-based Thinking- A sixty (60) minute working webinar limited to five (5) participants to discuss the new requirement of risk-based thinking. Using your existing FMEA or risk tool, we will review and discuss how these activities may help you meet this new requirement. Cost is $199.00/person
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    FREE advising on an effective implementation of the new standard

    Register for all three (3) of these transition webinars and receive 30 minutes of FREE advising on effective implementation of the new ISO 9001-2015 standard.

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