#1 (56), 15 June -15 July, 2015

About the project: Media Development Foundation continues the monitoring of hate speech, xenophobia, homophobia, gender discrimination and anti-Western sentiments in the Georgian media within the framework of the Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness Program (PITA), which it conducts in partnership with UN Association of Georgia. Results of the monitoring will be presented in a monthly bulletin, while the daily data will be available in the No to Phobia electronic database from September.

The main observations

In the period of 15 June – 14 July media was dominated by homophobic sentiments, which was mainly caused by the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the same-sex marriages. This affected the anti-Western sentiments as well.

Statistics: homophobia -60, anti-Western sentiments -28, xenophobia 10, religious discrimination - 4; gender stereotypes - 6; gender discrimination -1.

Russian sources:,,, ИА REX,

Notably the Russian sources were used to spread not only homophobic and anti-Western sentiments, but also gender stereotypes.

Homophobia: Georgian Dream

Saqinform, 29 June

Manana Kobakhidze, Georgian Dream: “Even if we are left alone on Earth and all our friends, partners or allies abandon us, I will still say that legalization of the same-sex marriages is great mistake, the government’s mistake, because on other categories, such as morality, etc., more moral people than me should speak "...

Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 July

Gedevan Popkhadze, Deputy Chair of Human Rights Committee: „If someone wants to live a different type of life, they should not ask from me to legally confirm it, because I believe that this issue is not within legal regulation!.. A person who claims to be Christian and Georgian must not support same-sex marriages!“

Kviris Chronika, 6-12 July

Luka Kurtanidze, Georgian Dream: „Let’s say the truth, now we have an attack by the sexual minorities in Georgia, they are screaming – protect us! I don’t understand from whom they must be protected, while we ourselves need protection?.. When they are trying to support their vice with law, I cannot agree with this… We were talking with Soso Jachvliani two days ago, if tomorrow we receive an invitation saying: “We are happy to inform you that Manana and Lamara are marring. Please, come.” We’ll lose our mind, right?“

Homophobia: other parties

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 6 July

Irakli Batiashvili, Burjanadze-United Democrats: “This huge machine is working to make our consciousness, especially that of the youth, gradually agree with this [homosexuality] being a normal, usual thing, that we should have no reaction on this… These are so-called “values”, so of course, this is very dangerous process .“

    Alia, 10-13 July

    Elizbar Javelidze, People’s Assembly: „Whoever speaks about adopting same-sex law in the future is not a human being to me, I will count him an animal. Legalization of that will be followed by legalization of incest. This is American plan. People must wake up, because they are preparing a very terrible thing for us.“

    Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 July

    Valery Kvaratskhelia, Neutral Georgia Party, Obiektivi anchor: „This is the weapon for killing family, society, nation, state and morality, the instrument to turn people into cattle, the road of successful struggle against God and the rise of Satan... I don’t care about anybody’s ass, but I care about propaganda of this monstrosity (sodomy, lesbian love and same-sex marriage). I am tolerant to the people who have this problem, but I am uncompromising and ruthless to their propagandists!“ 

    Homophobia: Media

      Alia, 8 July

      The editors’ response to the MDF study:

      „Numerous studies have proven that same-sex families have very negative influence on children and quite often even pushes the teenagers to suiide… So, when we read such things, we have a well-founded fear that propaganda of homosexuality seriously endangers our children’s future - should we not write this for the fear not to upset America and Europe? Not a chance!“ We wrote, write and shall write openly about everything that endangers our children, families and country!!!“ 

      Obiektivi, Night Studio, 27 June

      Gia Areshidze, anchor: „Today something very bad for American history happened, and, I would say, for the world history. American Supreme Court decided what it, in my opinion, had no right to decide, and this decision is very unfortunate and troubling“.

      Obiektivi, Night Studio, 23 June

      TV viewer: „Cancer can be cured on the first or second stage, and if it passed that, then it cannot be helped... God forbid someone unnatural and unclean is insulted by some words, or even mentioned in some different way, and all hell breaks loose.“

      Alia, 10-13 July

      Levan Javakhishvili, journalist: I wonder what Zviad Dzidziguri, Bidzina Gujabidze, Gubaz Sanikidze think – how wearing traditional clothes combines with pederasty?...

      The liberasts controlled from the West already threaten that Georgia will become the first post-Soviet country where same-sex marriages get legalized. And these bastards don’t like to joke.

      Alia, 19 June


        „One stupid Indian involved another stupid Indian into the abyss of perversity… Whatever the court decides, this Indian who has lost his manhood cannot be helped anyway, and he will even have to piss squatting!“ 

        Rezonansi, 29 June

        The newspaper published a caricature with the inscription: "After official legalization of Gay marriage in the US :" He can only beat us for being black now ... " [Georgian translation].

        Kviris Chronika, 6-12 July

        Gela Zedelashvili, journalist: „Is the parliamentary majority, which adopted the anti-discrimination law with applause, ready to protect their manhood against the attack by LGBT, and also protect us the common people?.. Some, including Eliso Chapidze and Tamar Kordzaia, say that we must respect the sodomites’ rights, and others – Manana Kobakhidze, Soso Jachvliani, Luka Kurtanidze – say that such “values” are not acceptable to them.”

        Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 July

        Giorgi Gigauri, journalist: „Yes, in the Ruis-Urbnisi Council document the 18th law concerns sodomy… The pederast-turned and corrupted Georgia cannot exist – this is anomaly!.. Georgian man is genetically Orthodox Christian and all of us, with hearts of Georgians and with Georgian blood, feel with our hearts, souls and skin: sodomy, which is the dirtiest sin, threatens with the sulfur flood of Sodom not just the poor pederasts and their protectors, but all of Georgia!“, 17-23 June

        David Mkheidze, journalist: “ These protestant “churches” in their “holy councils” have adopted with great majority of votes the religious same-sex marriages...God, forgive me once again for having to repeat this filth against my will, the filth even seeing and hearing which is soul-shaking for a believing person... Georgian Orthodox Church must have an agreement with the Russian Orthodox Church, so that before restoration of the territorial integrity (it is not a matter of argument, of course, that this is impossible without Russia) we - Russians and Georgians together confront the threat of LGBT!“

        Kviris Palitra, 3 July

        Manana Gabritchidze, journalist: „Today many worry that only gays and whores are promoted on Georgian TV...

        Saqinform, 7 July

        Headline: The toilet writer Lasha Bughadze supports gay marriages in Georgia and says that all who oppose the pederasts are Kremlin’s spies!

        Homophobia: Non-governmental organizations

        Obiektivi, Night Studio, 5 July

        Archil Chkoidze, Eurasian Institute: „There is normal relationship between woman and man, the rest is perversity… Of course, some person may have some physical problem, but this does not mean that this person must give his ass to another person… Medicine has confirmed that people with this deficiency and such pathology from birth are only one or two per cent. The rest are usual people who are perverse in filth and sin.…

        Valery Kvaratskhelia, anchor:This is what I wanted to say.

        Archil Chkoidze: These people [homosexuals] support each other, you know what it looks like? A drug addict, who is trying to turn another person into drug addict, this another person does this to the third one, so that in the future they are not bad in the eyes of society and there are many like them“...

          Alia, 7 July

          Avtandil Ungiadze, Orthodox Parents Union: „These organizations [NGO] are in fact initiators and organizers for the perversity to get legalized in our country... This is unacceptable! This is like defying God. This would be a declaration of war on the Georgian people.“

          Homophobia: clerics

          Obiektivi, Night Studio, 28 June

          Ilia II, Catholicos-Patriarch: „The states legalize illegal things, you know from the media and press that United States of America have adopted the decision for the same-sex marriage to be legal in all of United States, in each state. This is a great mistake, and this is what American clerical figures say, and we support this and say that this is a great mistake. A Georgian should differentiate between good and evil, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.“ 

          Alia, 10-13 July, Kviris Chronika, 13-19 July

          Ilia Vashakidze, priest: „Unnatural sexual life is one of the faces of Sodom, not the only and first one...“... „This causes corruption of the society, which is followed by unnatural things, including sexually unnatural.“ 

, 17 June

          Basil Akhvlediani, priest: „This is a tumor which should be cut out timely, otherwise it will cover the country with metastases. There always were such people, but I cannot recall before that famous 17 May that any sodomite was confronted in the street and beaten or insulted. But after 17 Maythere already were such facts. If thieves or whores go out and say - how good it is we are like we are, won’t the same thing happen? This is an illness, propaganda of which is unacceptable.” 

, 18 June

          Nikoloz Chkhikvadze, priest: „Let’s take 17 May, are the sodomites’ parade and their orgies our rite and tradition?!.. There are sick people and there are healthy people. Sodomites and people with this sin have always been among us and in other countries too, but nobody assaulted their homes, nobody persecuted them. Why should these people show themselves today, why should they walk on Rustaveli?!.. If it goes on like this, tomorrow and day after that we shall have Conchita as president and prime minister.“

          Homophobia: Society

          Kviris Palitra, 1 July, Kviris Chronika, 6-12 July

          Homophobic Facebook statuses

          Achiko Nizharadze, singer: "All day the leading TV programs show: transvestites, gays, lesbians, whores… Don’t you have other topics, you uneducated people!?... Let them have a poll and we shall see how many people like their guests - transvestites, gays, lesbians, whores... Why are they conducting PR of these people with non-traditional orientation? Of the people who destroy families, insult religion, he Patriarch, who don’t believe in anything…

          Let’s take care of the future generation! We don’t know what results will bring advertizing this horrible thing. Think about it!!!!

            Alia, 10-13 July

            Misha Gomiashvili, actor:“ Now they demand equality! Legalization of same-sex marriages!...Adoption of children...Then they will demand from us participation against our will !!!..... And then punishing us!!! Everyone who disagrees with the gay “ideology” will get punished ... They hide behind “human rights” and this anti-discrimination law… Then we’ll recognize incest too… They will soon demand this too!!! The next demand will be legalization of pedophilia… The end of this process is hell ”.

            Kviris Chronika, 22-28 June

              Rezo Amashukeli, poet: „These whores fat from money, I am talking about these TV channels, this Gabunia, this Conchita who is happy about the country’s troubles, that’s what drives me mad!“.. „These days Gvaramia spoke, he grew beard too and he has a queue of Conchitas!“

              Kviris Chronika, 6-12 July

              Gia Korkotashvili, Georgian Mission: „As an Orthodox Christian I believe that same-sex marriage is deadful sin and it is unacceptable to me. People for whom this is acceptable should not live in this geographic area. Also all religions whether Muslims or any other, who accepts this, will be Georgia’s enemies.“

                Kviris Palitra, 6 July

                Temur Tsiklauri, singer: One of the principles of perversion is to be neither Orthodox Christian, nor anybody!You should just eat and engage in fornication! Why do they want to legalize perversion, which is not accepted by any religion on Earth... Legalization of same-sex marriages is democratic, they say. Is not Orthodox Christianity democratic?! Is it punishment and slavery? Americans adopted same-sex marriage, then they said a man married acrocodile in Mexico, so maybe we should adopt the donkey phenomenon. 

                Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 July

                Manana Chkonia, parapsychologist „Propaganda of homosexuality is a conspiracy against the people with normal orientation, this is propaganda of death… Our ancestors did not punish the sodomites without reason.“

                Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 July

                Tamaz Tsivtsivadze, writer: You family-blasters – I am addressing the former men – you cannot get pregnant and bear children, you cannot have milk in your breasts, and nothing, so for the sake of one thing in our ass you want to overturn the fate of humanity?!

                Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 July

                Ramaz Sakvarelidze, political observer: Legalization of same-sex marriages is an insult to the Christian World.

                Anti-Western sentiments: Media

                Obiektivi, Night Studio, 11 July

                Maka Razmadze, anchor: „I will make a very rough outline, let’s say the East reminds us of the kamikadze murderers, explosions, some veils, rough treatment of women, and so on. The West reminds us of the LGBT, gays, some blood-mixing.“

                Obiektivi, Night Studio, 28 June

                Bondo Mdzinarashvili, anchor: It is possible that the State Department’s position it has voiced many times, that they will protect people with non-traditional orientation in any country of the world, will be applied with maximum energy in this case too… And since we are strategic slaves and they are our strategic master, of course, it must be expected that representatives of the Georgian government will not be ble to fight this, if society is not active. Let’s consider also that Vice President Joe Biden stated loudly that he does not care about our culture, and they don’t care about it, we all know this well.“ 

                Obiektivi, Night Studio, 5 July

                Valery Kvaratskhelia, anchor: „Not only that they did not accept us in NATO and EU, that Georgia disintegrated because of its hopes of the West, but also spiritually, morally, there is a flood, a tsunami, trouble coming… Does anybody think that they truly care about these pitiful people (sexual minorities) and their fate?... About the fate of some sodomite and some lesbian?

                Obiektivi, Night Studio, 6 July

                Nino Ratishvili, anchor: „Import of the Western values is conducted in a very bad way… We are going towards Sodom… Is this why we want European Union?.. This Greece situation convinced me once again that they will impose on us many undesirable, un-Orthodox, immoral directives“

                Perhaps even Orthodox Christian civilization is an irritating factor… Because this civilization irritates the West“...

                Obiektivi, Night Studio, 28 June

                TV viewer: I don’t understand. Our people are 3 thousand years old and why should we follow example of the Americans who don’t have history, why should we follow them in such perversions [legalization of same-sex marriages]… Must we follow someone without history and pedigreein all kinds of filth?! 

                Asaval-Dasavali, 15- 21 June

                Giorgi Gigauri, journalist: The satanistic plan to destroy traditional family (quote from a book): „We must first attack the so far unviolated basis of the family... Boldly declare war on everything our enemies the Christians believe and worship...That is why they are sealed with the “sign of a beast”: our liberast-democratically bendedpolitical specter, media, NGOs, experts...

                Why do they drag holy Georgia towards the globalist-mundialist camp!

                Kviris Chronika, 13-19 July

                Giorgi Jikiashvili, journalist: „ What American democracy and human rights mean has been just seen by the whole world, when the Supreme Court in Washington legalized the pederast marriage and that same night the White House was lit in the rainbow colors “...“So for him and his administration it is a win when sodomy is officially legalized and woman can marry woman, and man can marry man. For him it is perfect when this deadly sin becomes a usual thing.“...

                Saqinform, 6 July

                Arno Khidirbegishvili, Saqinform editor: "Who will bring and install anti-missile defense systems in Georgia?... USA - #1 master of Georgia… by that time Usupashvili will have legalized gay marriages in Georgia, like in the past he adopted anti-discrimination law on defense of LGBT, and these days he is going to adopt the law on sex change! Meanwhile, his wife Khidasheli will allow pederasts to serve in the Georgian army, like Obama did in the American army. Then they will elect a pederast as Tbilisi mayor, like in New York, and on Rustaveli Avenue a joint military and gay parade will be held! For this they will move Georgian Independence Day from 26 May to 17 May – the LGBT international day“...

      , 17-23 June

                David Mkheidze, journalist: „...When a Georgian was writing Vepkhistkaosani, Europe was covered with fired cooking human meat!.. If we recollect the processes in early 21st century, we shall see that we cannot afford to be calm, because USA and their satellite Europe are leading the pederastization of the world!“

      , 24 June


                „Banks, intelligence services, the Pentagon and Google are working together to build electronic GULAG, in which there will be no place for either state, or national sovereignty, or personal freedom. For them, everything is just means to achieve their only goal – acquiring absolute power.“

                Anti-Western sentiments: politicians

                Obiektivi, Night Studio, 6 July

                Irakli Batiashvili, Burjanadze - United Democrats: We like not the rule of law, but the fact that gay marriages are legalized, this is what gets highlighted [from the West]… There is propaganda of this, they want to put into people’s brains here, including young people, that being European means the rise of the sexual minorities’ morals… Today we can see how sharp are the reactions from the West on everything, on the May events, and that they directly demanded adoption of the so called anti-discrimination law. This was not necessary at all… They will strictly request same-sex marriages. That this should not be hindered, that this should get legalized. And I can tell you, this will be the end of Georgia, of course.“

                  Alia, 10-13 July

                  Elizbar Javelidze, People’s Assembly: „America has been stating for a long time that values are global, they will plant this everywhere, and this includes same-sex marriage.Their vice-president Joe Biden even threatened us with spreading gay marriage all over the world. Some they will force with the force of arms, others will be persuaded by brain-washing... What can you talk about with the people whose president Barack Obama says he had gay relationships when he was young, and when 11 million people are celebrating legalization of this monstrosity? I am sorry, but America is the pederasts’ country!“

                  Anti-Western sentiments: clerics

        , 18 June

                  Father Nikoloz (Chkhikvadze), respondent: „All this is the ideology imposed by the West. They openly tell us: if you want visa free travel to EU, you need to protect the rights of these so called minorities. And I tell them: I don’t need your visa liberalization in return for the sodomites and some sick people running here in the streets... Next will come incest, then with dogs, cts… Of course, they “have” such “right”… Where are we going – into abyss? This road will destroy Georgia, so I say – this is not our choice, I don’t want such West.“

        , 15 July

                    Guram Gamtsemlidze, cleric: „As to the West, today America is Sodom, and the gay part of Europe that follows them – Gomorra… If they think democracy is who becomes sodomite faster, we don’t want such a democracy… As to the so called NGOs who do their best for PR and propaganda of the Western values, it is no news for anyone that all these organizations are finances from Washington, they are representatives of American intelligence agencies and act in accordance with directions of American political leadership... So if we, the society, don’t stand against this filth, they will actually wave the gay flag...“

                    Anti-Western sentiments: non-governmental organizations

                    Obiektivi, Night Studio, 5 July

                    Archil Chkoidze, Eurasian Institute: „They get money from the West to fight against the Church, against Georgian traditions. They adopted anti-discrimination law in the holy country of Georgia, regarding which the Patriarch said that you cannot legalized what is illegal. They hold gay parades, they have penalized Georgia for not holding gay parade properly. So the population of Georgia will decide whom to give this money, whom to support, and who is the real fifth column.“ 

                    Obiektivi, Night Studio, 5 July

                    Irakli Ubilava, Political Scientists Club: ... „I think this serves to destroy these nations and societies.... Therefore, Americans deliberately work on this. This can be seen not only from the cultivation of this, legalization of same-sex marriages and all aspects, this goes in every direction“. 

                    Anti-Western sentiments: society

                    Kviris Chronika, 22-28 June

                      Rezo Amashukeli: “Let these Americans leave us alone, don’t listen to these idiots who don’t care about our nationality and Georgians! Wherever they stepped they brought blood with them… This country is being biologically destroyed, if this government does not take measures right away!“

                      Tamar Okruashvili, journalist: „What will our “chairman” beyond the ocean say?“

            , 25 June

                      Givi Somkhishvili, writer: „That more can we do, when, because of the European psychosis, w are ready to give foreigners our lands where our ancestors’ blood had been spilled; should we give up our ancestors’ honor, morality and national pride for the pederasts, lesbians, and various sexual maniacs??!“

                      Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 July

                      Nodar Mgaloblishvili, actor: „Everything is directed at destroying the small nations, in order to easily rule the mankind… Stage by stage they are going to kill 4 billion people. Propaganda of the same-sex marriage serves this too!.. I prefer Russians rather than these Europeans and Americans! Yes, I prefer Russia which has openly said it will never allow propaganda of homosexuality!

                      Xenophobia: media

                      Kviris Palitra, 15 June

                      The article about the settlement of migrants from Adjara into the temporarily empty houses of the ethnic Greek citizens of Georgia does not represent position of the Greek owners of he houses. The whole article is written in the xenophobic context: the focus is not on the issues of property and provision of housing by the state to the migrants, but on stereotypically depicting ethnic Greeks as the people who evict ethnic Georgians from houses in their own homeland.

                      Ether Eradze, journalist: „Adjaran Georgians settled into the houses left behind, put doors and windows there and continued with their lives: they got cattle, brought empty lands in order. This interested the Greeks and they began to return to the houses they had left dozens of years ago… They say: there we suffocate in heat, here it is cool, the house is ours, so why should not we spend summers here! Georgians leave the house without argument… In village Sakdrioni the Surmanidze family with 4 children, whose eldest child was 7 and youngest – 9 months, has already been evicted from the house where they spent 7 years by a Greek old person.“

                      Kavkasia, Spektri, 16 June

                      David Akubardia, anchor: We are a civilized nation. In some African tribes they kill everyone during floods. They are wild but we are a civilized country.

                      Xenophobia: parties

                      Obiektivi, Night Studio, 15 July

                      David Tarkhan-Mouravi, leader of the Patriots Alliance: “Only citizens of Georgia will be land owners in Georgia. This is very firm and sharp position of our party… In Iranian comes here once in a month or three months, gathers money and goes. Why are we doing this? Who does this stupidity and why?.. They let these Indians and Chinese settle here, but can a Georgian go to India or China and buy land?.. Under no circumstances should land in Georgia be sold to foreigners! We must be the masters of Georgian land!“

                      Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 July

                      Valery Kvaratskhelia, Neutral Georgia Party, Obiektivianchor„As to the foreign expansion, look at the situation in Adkara (especially Batumi), consider that the Kars Agreement gets expired soon, and then tell me what are other mechanisms for stopping Turkish financial and economic expansion in the region? If armed forces of “friendly” Turkey invade Georgia, we’ll have to be protected by the Russian forces based in Armenia. And if we are fully frank, today Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region belong to Georgia more that the rest of Georgia. We must not be left in the hands of idiots.“

                      Xenophobia: former representative of government

                      Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 July

                      Levan Mamaladze, former governor: „This bastard – many historians are needed to clarify Misha’s [Saakashvili] biological origin.“

                      Religious discrimination: media

                      Asaval-Dasavali, 15- 21 June

                      Dito Chubinidze, journalist: „If Richelieu did everything to destroy French Calvinists or Huguenots and to let Catholicism flourish,the godless Mishelieu [Mikheil Saakashvili] sent Jehovah’s Witnesses and a thousand of Bokerias against the Patriarchy in order to destroy the Holy Apostolic Church of Georgia!“

                        Alia, 9 July

                        Headline: Why the Orthodox congregation does not want a Muslim boarding school to open in Kobuleti.

                        Journalist: „I will, tell you why we think they don’t want this – we have a lot of examples of how they are trying to pressure the Orthodox Christians with the dirtiest means, so the people naturally get a defensive mechanism. Let’s recall the fact when a Georgian priest was kicked out of Saingilo by Azerbaijan, let’s remember how some people insult our Patriarch. So, as a result, people have fear and react accordingly.“ (Source:

                        Religious discrimination: society

                        Public Broadcaster, Pirveli Studia, 26 June

                        Mamuka Areshidze, Caucasus expert: „After all, we practically have a Salafi mosque in the capital of Georgia. There is a Salafi, or in other words Wahhabi mosque in Fonichala. .. There are many blind spots in the legislation, which hinders the state in the fight against this illness..“ 

                        Religious holiday

                        Interpressnews widely reported congratulations of Georgian high-level officials to the Muslim citizens of Georgia regarding the Ramadan, but position or comments of the Muslims themselves were not represented.

                        Recommendation: Inclusive reporting on diversity issues means that minorities must be not just objects but also subjects of journalists’ reporting, and media should represent their viewpoint as well.

                        Gender stereotypes: politicians

                        Rustavi 2, P.S., 26 June

                        Soso Jachvliani, member of parliament: „I have never went to whores then or now. It was insulting for me to pay 10 rubles. I managed these issues without 10 rubles. For your information, I have worked with all beautiful ladies in the Soviet cinema, without 10 rubles… Ms Eka Kherkheulidze tried to break up my family. Several months ago she said that there was no quorum on a session of Parliamentand that Soso Jachvliani was at EBRD. Why do you insult me, Ms Eka? I cannot be at EBRD – I am a faithful husband."

                        Gender discrimination: media

                        Kviris Chronika, 13-19 July

                        Respondent: „We don’t know, maybe this girl [victim of domestic violence] did something that made her deserve death actually...“

                        Gender stereotypes: media

                        Alia, 24 June


                        „If you ask a Chinese businessman, we think that ladies with very strange proclivities, who are covered with muscles all over their bodies, help people get appetite, so they invite these muscled ladies to restaurants, and pay them considerable salaries for this“.

                        Alia, 23 June


                        Journalist: „As a rule, Japanese representatives of the weaker sex put up not their but others’ photos on the social network websites, which is not surprising, because their forms have never been impressive.“

                        Kviris Chronika, 13-19 July

                        Giorgi Jikiashvili, journalist: „Nor her another half would warm his ass in the chair of the Speaker of Parliament“.

                        Kviris Palitra, 15 June

                        Article „The girl is mine and I will wed her to whomever I want“ (?!) touches the problem of early marriages in the villages populated by Azeris. It represents position of the local men only and, without any statistics, makes the generalization that ethnic Azeri girls don’t go to school and finish 3 years at school at most. No examples are presented of the Azeri girls who not just finish high school, but get higher education as well.

                        Editors: „Situation in the Azeri villages is very difficult. No woman knows Georgian, children don’t go to school and cannot get education. The girls finish 3 school years at most, then parents take then to work in highlands or fields. At the same time, the girls in the fifth year are engaged or married. They say this is their tradition.“

                        Ahmed Samedov, local resident:“The girl is mine and I will wed her to whomever I want.“

                        Gender stereotypes: priest

                        Kviris Chronika, 15-21 June

                        Antimoz Bichinashvili, former archimandrite: „How can you talk like a gossiping woman about the Patriarch of Georgia for 40 years, and old man over 80 years old! But you have nothing of a man“.

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