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"Your industry hero's are those who develop content for the love of writing, the love of change and the love of sharing their knowledge and experiences."

Your sparklers are out and you've tasted enough pumpkin to last you another 12 months, but the fireworks continue as the UK Blog Awards 2017 nominations process reaches its final days.

With only 9 days remaining until entries and nominations close, the chance to gain recognition for your digital content and to nominate your digital heroes is approaching at rapid digital speed - be sure not to forget the 15th November deadline!

Last week, Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions co-hosted a super busy #BlogHour where we discussed all things travel and culture. Don't miss this Tuesday evening where we take your questions.

In this newsletter, we share details of the power of a nomination and why taking 2 minutes out of your day to nominate your favourite continue means more than you think.

On the Blog, we also share tips and insight on how to establish yourself as a snapfluencer. As well as catching up with previous travel and arts and culture winners, Backpacker Banter and wiwibloggs and finally, we personally introduce some more of your panel judges.

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Power of the Nomination

Many individuals and companies go day to day developing content, with readers passing by without making comment or interacting through social. We are all guilty of the busy bug. Your industry heroes, are those who develop content for the love of writing, the love of change and the love of sharing their knowledge and experiences. The feeling of appreciation or a single comment that your content has made a difference can leave you feeling overwhelmingly warm inside.

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Insight: Backpacker Banter UKBA16 Travel Winner | Where are you now?

Chris has the wanderlust life that many of us can only dream of and with nearly 7 years of Travel under his seat-belt, it is no wonder that his content won one of the UK Blog Awards 2016 gongs back in April.
During this interview, you can find out where Chris has travelled since his big win, his opinion on why and not to join the world of online content, as well as his task to dive deeper into the world of SEO!

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How to become a Snapfluencer and make it work.

Snapfluencers often have hoards of followers watching their videos or ‘stories’ day after day. They have in turn, built community and their own Snap Brand and are now leading the way across social media as the millennial vloggers. With more brands choosing to embrace this current advertising trend, it looks like Snapfluencers are here to stay. Afterall, EVERYTHING will be video led in five years time. We all know this stat by now, so now is the time to embrace.

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Insight: wiwibloggs UKBA15 Arts & Culture Winner | Where are you now?

Let's not lie to ourselves. We all love the guilty pleasure that is, Eurovision. William Lee Adams is the brainchild of, wiwibloggs and has worked hard over the years to not only cover the music genre based event, but has acheived a strong community following.  Since wiwibloggs win, the Blog has been featured in worldwide press as well as acheiving 25 million page views on across the site. During this interview, read how wiwibloggs has been motivated to be bigger and how to always focus on the positives and rising above the trolls!

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Introducing: The Judges

UKBA17 Vlogger & Podcast Judge

Introducing: Vlogger & Podcast Judge, Simone Partner who has developed her own Blog brand and is a multi award winning and social media personality, Eltoria.
Simone has worked with many brands and is dedicated to not only her YouTube channel but also her own Blog content. Check out Simone's content and her judging bio. It's a video, of course.

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UKBA17 Education Panel Judge

Introducing: Education Judge, Melanie Osbourne from Ordnance Survey. Melanie is the marketing communication voice from the Ordnance Survey and recently launched the #GetOutside programme to harness the power of social media to encourage people to get active outside. Have you nominated your fave individual and company Education content? Take a look at Melanie's profile.

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UKBA17 Lifestyle Panel Judge

Introducing: Lifestyle Jugde, Charlie Lindlar is the Blog Editor at The Huffington Post UK, managing the site's community of over 15,000 bloggers.
If you are looking for daily inspiration across a multitude of industries, take a look at Charlie's profile.

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UKBA17 Travel Panel Judge

Introducing: Travel Judge, Fiona McAuslan who has 15 years’ experience writing for the nationals, including the Telegraph Group and press including Time Out, and is one of Rough Guide’s top-selling authors. She is the co-author of the Rough Guide to Cuba and has worked on various other travel titles. Take a look at Fiona's profile.

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