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Extra Events 24 August

Some late news about the return of Stephen Taberner's hugely popular Singlets + a gathering this Friday of the Toongabbie Music Club.

A message from Stephen Taberner re the return of MASSIVE SINGLETS:

hello schmello

and, o mi lord, how good was it to be back? and how good was it to have such much better sound and vision, and to do a simple, sweet 3 part song that you can really get inside of? in case you weren’t there, it was…..good. thank you to you all for making it that good. and this week, we celebrate the return of the kids and the ukelele!

SEASON PASSES are available for all singlets SO LONG as you’re going to come to very much most, or all of them!

All singlets are all open for booking now, please proceed to the web site to book, with indecent alacrity!…

Once again….you are very welcome to donate. not to put too fine a point on it. but your donations have made, and will make, all things possible. as you’ll know, we were able to donate almost $3000 last term to MSF, we’d like to make a similar kind of offering this time, as well as looking after all the participants and costs of the singlet. thank you so much, once again, for your generosity, all things are on the donations page.

please keep spreading the word!….we would love you to join the facebook group, and to help us spread the word that way….here you can make song suggestions, or share videos/photos.

and….thank you for being a part of this dangerous, wonderful experiment
bless your various small extra humans, furry animals and teensical bodily creatures

so, you guessed it!we are offering THREE singlets this week:

Calendar of Events

Tuesday 25 August

Massive Singlet - 8pm, The classic singlet, the first singlet, the purest singlet. Our much embraced regular star guests, Jack and Naomi will join us for the beautiful ron sexsmith song “speaking with the angel”, which will be done, as last week, a capella, in 3 part harmony. you can see a version of it, if you like, here and the sheet music is already available, here.

Thursday 27 August

Massive Singlet (Kid's Edition) - 7pm. It’s back! The one where you need to be accompanied by a minor, or where they can even be accompanied by you. best, we think, for the 7-13 year old age group: songs, clapping games from samoa, some bits where the kids have to make up things, a chance for the kids to show their musical skills…and crazy dancing to finish!

Massive Singlet (Ukulele Edition) - 9pm. The ukelele singlet returns! as always, it’ll be a quirky and passionate descent into Taberner’s world of uke, presented by one who is musically literate and opinionated, but a relative newcomer at the instrument, hence, an idiot savant.

Friday 28 August

Toongabbie Music Club - 7.30pm.

Scouts Hall
17 Whitehaven Rd

Cost: $7 

Please advise us by email if you will be attending as this is a medical requirement during the pandemic AND bring dry firewood plus a plastic covered chair if possible. 

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind" 

Best wishes . . .

Allen 0439 831 531

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