Mission accomplished with 102% - THANK YOU!
What will happen now?

Well, we will finish producing the album (deadline in March), there will be some mastering and some printing of CD's and a lot of promotional work. The big day: On April 10 2016, we will present what we've made to the world. This will take place in the beautiful and high-class venue DESMET STUDIO'S in Amsterdam, and the concert will be registered live there as well.

So pumped about this!

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Tickets for the Album-Presentation
But hang on... didn't I promise you stuff?

Don't worry, I remember!

And I have a list.

I will contact you personally about your crowdfunding-specials, if you ordered any. Concerts and coachings will be given, songs will be written and recorded, free tickets and download-links sent, and CD's will be personally signed, kuddled and delivered!

Do you want me to keep you updated, for example about the upcoming album-teaser tour and new YouTube-video's?

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