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If you're wondering whether you really are an empath, or you struggle with really accepting it, or you'd like a little proof that things can change, I can help.

I've created an empath mini healing session for you to help clear away some of that burdensome, tiring, heavy energy that you're carrying.

The session happens long-distance. We won't be on the phone nor skype, but you get to schedule your session anyway so that you know exactly when to expect an energy shift.

(This is also a safety precaution as energy healing is real! You might feel little, but you may also feel a lot, so it's important that you are not driving or doing anything that requires your concentration and focus during the time of our session)

What I will do in the mini healing session:

  • I will check in with your energy field for any energy from other people that you are carrying and that you are ready to release, and I'll release it for you.
  • I will let go of any empath programming that your body is ready to let go of (this is the stuff that makes you absorb and hold onto other people's energy in the first place)
  • I will ask your body to process any of your own energy that is somehow blocked or stagnant and that is ready to move.
  • I will email you a report of what I released.

How this healing session will help you see whether you are an empath:

If you are an empath, then you'll see proof in this report of the energy from others that you were carrying.

If you are not an empath, then you'll know, because then the healing report will only list your own blocked emotions and beliefs that I was able to help you release.

Many healers who offer long-distance healing will not send you a report of what they released specifically.

However, I believe it's important that as you are energetically letting go of something, you also get the cognitive awareness to help you understand what happened.

Many clients find that the report I can send in this way makes a lot of sense and confirms what they know about their patterns and their life. This is good news, because it helps your brain to validate and better understand your energy experiences.

In the way I work, I never force a healing. I won't push your body to let go of something it doesn't want to let go of. I will only release the baggage that is ready to move. If I encounter energy that won't budge, I may send you a suggestion on how to get it ready to move yourself so that it can be released in the future.

Please know that this is a sample of what can be done in empath healing. It won't completely heal your empath sponging! (For that, you'd need to take the course and learn to do your own healing). However, I can typically clear quite a lot of energy in a session like this so you can expect to feel better after, either emotionally and/or physically. 


You can set up your empath mini healing here:


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, do not diagnose and can't guarantee specific results through energy healing as it all depends on where you are at and what you are ready to let go of. What you do/don't notice will depend on how sensitive you are to the energy shifts that happen and on how your body processes energy. I can however promise that I will get to work and report back to you on what was released so that you have a better sense of what is happening on an energy level in your life right now.

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Healing Sessions Feedback

"Your report feels pretty "spot on" with my actual experience." - Woodrie

"Thank you so much for the report and for the healing. I wanted/ needed to give you my feedback, because I'm very impressed with the shifts I've noticed since yesterday. I think the most obvious change I noticed is me becoming somehow more vocal about my feelings and thoughts, more honest, and I feel somehow less shame/ unnecessary repression of my thoughts. That is just amazing :)" - Andrea, Czech Republic

"First of all, I felt the healing session immensely… it was a very powerful yet deeply peaceful experience... The blockages that you discussed are something that I have noticed from some time now… Last night [after the healing session] I noticed that my dissociation patterns are greatly reduced, and that I was able to stay in my body and experience.  I feel a huge veil lifted from my life, that I just didn’t know how to move around. To say I am so grateful is a good starting point I guess. Thank you so much." - Mindy 

This is a service that is not listed on my website. If you have questions about it, just hit reply and I'll get back to you personally.

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