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December 21, 2018

This Week in Worship

This coming Sunday is the Fourth Sunday of Advent in the new church year.  Please be with us as we worship God in spirit and in truth.  Click here to preview the text we will be using in worship for this Sunday.

Worship Leaders

Acolyte - Marcella Trotter

Crucifer - Joey Tosh

Lector - Cecilia Tosh

Assisting Minister - David Hall

Ushers - Eve Steigerwalt, Nicole Pennell

Altar Guild - Elfreide Watson

Preaching - Pastor Joel Emerson

Christmas Eve Service - 6:00 p.m.

Come join us for our Christmas Eve Service at 6:00 p.m. in our historic sanctuary beautifully decorated for the season.  All ages are welcome to this Candlelight Christmas Eve Communion Service.  Bring a friend!

Christmas Musical from Pastor Joel

Check out this Broadway style Christmas musical composed by Pastor Joel. It was his D.Min final project years ago but is his effort to put character back into the Christmas characters.  Can you see yourself in some of them?

Vicar Dawn's Blog

Hello Memorial Family! 

Happy Christmas Season! I pray you are blessed this week with good health and a churned-up Spirit. I look forward to being in worship with you this week and until then, I pray you enjoy this Food for Thought

Toward Shalom,

Vicar Dawn

Advent Spirituality Focus

We have started our journey of Advent together and as part of that we have provided Advent bags to each family with home study and devotional resources to use during this Advent season.  If you didn't receive one, please see Pastor Joel.  

Another resource you might be interested is an online resource provided by Rev. Jason Emerson (yes, Pastor Joel's brother is an Episcopal Priest!) of the Church of the Nativity in Chattanooga, TN.  Father Jason is encouraging people to read one chapter from the Book of Luke each day during this Advent season and is providing a short YouTube introduction to the chapter each day.  So check it out!

Children's Choir

Rehearsals are at 1:30 p.m. on each Sunday afternoon except the Sundays when they lead in worship.  If you have interested children or know of any in the neighborhood, please encourage them to come and join in the fun!  Please contact Lauren for the official rehearsal schedule each month as the calendar is subject to change. 

Worship Leadership

Thanks to all who have signed up for new roles in worship leadership.  The new monthly worship leadership list  is posted on our website.  And as always, if you can't cover a particular Sunday just be sure and let us know in advance.  

Cleaning God's House

Since we no longer have our former tenants cleaning our church, we are trying out a period of "clean as you go."  We are asking everyone to pitch in when you can.  If you have a few minutes and see something that needs to be cleaned, "get 'er done!"  Ask if you need help finding any supplies.

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