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Best Books - M.Sc. Mathematics





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Here is the listing of Best Reference Books on M.Sc. Mathematics.

1. Algebra

Topics in Algebra by I. N. Herstein Flipkart Amazon
Basic Abstract Algebra by P. B. Bhattacharya, S. K. Jain and S. R. Nagpal Flipkart Amazon
Algebra by Vivek Sahai and Vikas Bist Flipkart Amazon
Fundamentals of Abstract Algebra by D. S. Malik, J. N. Mordeson, and M. K. Sen Flipkart Amazon

2. Real Analysis

Principle of Mathematical Analysis by Walter Rudin Flipkart Amazon
Theory and Application of Infinite Series by K. Knopp Flipkart Amazon
Foundations of Mathematical Analysis by Richard Johnsonbaugh Flipkart Amazon
Mathematical Analysis by T. M. Apostol Flipkart Amazon

3. Topology

General Topology by J. L. Kelly Flipkart Amazon
Introduction to General Topology by K. D. Joshi Flipkart Amazon
Topology by James R. Munkres Flipkart Amazon
Topology by J. Dugundji Flipkart Amazon


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