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Akash Patel | September 2020

Hello and welcome to my first newsletter! Nice to meet you/see you again! I'm Akash, a 14 y/o that enjoys being three standard deviations from the mean of teenagers (aka a statistical outlier). I'm currently trying to become a polymath and impact multiple people.

I've had an interesting month, including writing my first articles! I recently joined a program that's been helping me become a unicorn person (person who impacts billions). Keep reading to see what else I've been up to, including my goals for next month!

A Life Changing Opportunity

Where to even begin? Lets start here:

This summer, I got accepted into the The Knowledge Society, a program for like-minded innovators to connect and find their passions. This program has taught me so much already about how to become a strong leader, provided me long lasting friends, and helped me find my passion. I can't wait for what's next!

Their Website
First Articles

After learning about some of the world's most upcoming technologies, I decided to write about it. 

September 20
Nanotechnology: The Future of Medicine?

Gives an insight onto what nanomedicines are and what their various implications and potential challenges can be in the current industry.

September 23
Nanoparticles are the Next Big Treatment for Cancer…Here’s Why.

How we can use nanoparticles to deliver drugs to tumors inside the body, thus reducing the amount of healthy cells killed while treating cancer.

View it Here
View it Here
Pitch Video for EVOKExIBM

The global partnerships team at TKS has gotten spots for students to be featured at Evoke Canada, November 10th-13th 2020, Canada’s Largest Dev Summit sponsored by IBM! It will be attended by approx. 2500 people, previous speakers have included Robert Herjavec (from Shark Tank), Bruce Croxon + more. This is my "pitch" video to see whether or not I'll get chance to speak. Hopefully I can!

Watch the Full Video Here
October's Action Items

My goals to make October even better than this month.


I want to write 3 articles this month, with a focus on stem cells and regenerative medicine.

YouTube Videos

I'm working on starting a YouTube channel with my friend, and I want to post 2 videos this month.


Mindset of the month is: Curiosity. I want to focus on this concept for these next few weeks.

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Akash Patel

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