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Why do Japanese companies hire international students and what are the requirements?

What are Japanese companies expecting from international students?

If you just show off yourself without knowing what company requires, your job hunting won't be successful.


Why do Japanese companies hire international students?

・Reason why Japanese companies hire international students

Japanese companies that have experience of employment of international students were questioned about the reason why they hired foreigners. The most popular reason was «Because we want to ensure our company with superior personnel regardless of nationality».

What is the definition of superior personnel?

・Each company has it’s own definition of superior personnel

Different companies have different ideologies and values, and definition of superior personnel is different as well. You may be very skilled and be a good person, but sometimes you just don’t fit to a company. The way to success is to properly understand what the company, that you are interested in, expects from international student and how you can appeal yourself.

What level of Japanese language do Japanese companies require?

・Higher then everyday conversation level

Most of Japanese companies require more then everyday conversation level of Japanese language. Many companies judge the Japanese level by a resume and a Japanese level test. It’ll be very good to ask a Japanese to check your resume for mistakes and unnatural expressions. And it’s better to take Japanese level test before job hunting.


What image of international students do Japanese companies have?

・Japanese companies think that international students have strong desire to work, that they are highly qualified and have broad international outlook. 

Japanese companies think that international students have strong desire to work, that they are highly qualified and have broad international outlook.  On the other hand, Japanese companies also think that international students lack cooperativeness, loyalty, japanese skills and their retention rate is low.

It’s better to combine a good impression about international students and your own experience when you appeal yourself to a company.

Source: Link Asia

In TIEI, we know all subtle points of job hunting and thing that Japanese companies require from international students. Our students not just learn Japanese, but they also attend career seminars and undertake internship. In TIEI, you can learn about yourself and learn how to know what requirements companies have for their employees. We will teach you how to write a resume and will prepare you for an interview.
We have classes af all levels and even beginner level student will be able to achieve business level in 1,5 years and successfully find a job.

Know more about the Course

Read more about TIEI on our website or inquire the school through info@tiei.jp and our staff will provide you more information and answer on all your questions. We’ll be happy to hear from you!


Thank you and have a good day!

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