CENII Newsletter: Issue June-July 2016

EU-GCC Clean Energy Network II

fostering clean energy partnerships

EU-GCC Clean Energy Network II

Τhe EU GCC Clean Energy Network  aims to catalyze partnerships between clean energy stakeholders in the GCC and the EU.

The Network is a source of information on clean energy topics, the inclusive platform for stakeholders to meet and debate and the bridge towards cooperation on clean energy, including policy, technology and industry as well as research aspects, among various players across the EU and GCC countries.

Network News

Network Background Paper on “Clean energy topics for potential EU GCC cooperation” released.

The Network Background Paper on “Clean energy topics for potential EU GCC cooperation” released and available at the website. Read more here.

EU-GCC Clean Energy e-Observatory launched

The Network has launched the EU-GCC Clean Energy e-Observatory, an online information service on clean energy developments in the GCC and in the EU. Read more here.

Building new Network partnerships

The Network is establishing new synergies and strong working relationships (also through the signing of MoUs) with a number of esteemed clean energy actors in the GCC region to work together on topics and activities of mutual interest. Recent relevant partnerships include the following actors :  

Clean Energy Business Council

Dii, Supporters of Desert Energy 

Enertech Holding 

Regional Center for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) 

Masdar Institute

See full list of Network institutional members and supporters here.

Introducing the Industrial collaboration coordinator of the Network

Dr. Florian Klumpp is senior consultant and project manager for Fichtner in the field of power economy, power plant technology, renewable energies and energy storage technologies. Read more about Florian.

Introducing the Research Collaboration Specialist of the Network

Dr Haris Doukas is an Assistant Professor in the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). His areas of expertise include the development of models and decision support systems for energy and climate policy as well as energy management. Read more about Haris.

Smart Energy Cities Training Workshops, 7 June & 6 July 2016

The Network supported the training workshops on optimising energy use in cities organised by the EU funded research OPTIMUS project.

On 7 June an OPTIMUS workshop was held in Zaanstad, the Netherlands and on 6 July a workshop was held in Savona, Italy.

Read more about workshops here.

Future activities and events

Network Inception Meeting, 20 September 2016, Brussels, Belgium

The objective of the inception meeting is to review the achievements of the first phase of the EU-GCC Clean Energy Network and discuss with the EU-GCC Energy Experts Group (European Commission and GCC Secretariat experts/GCC officials) and key EU and GCC stakeholders the broad objective, collaboration mechanism and workplan of the second phase of the Network.  

Workshop on Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling for appliances and equipment, 21 September 2016, Brussels, Belgium

The high level workshop is organised by the European Commission in partnership with the Gulf Cooperation Council Secretariat and the EU-GCC Clean Energy Network II

The aim of the workshop is to explore and promote opportunities for cooperation between GCC and EU in advancing the implementation of energy efficiency standards and labeling programs for equipment and appliances.


The Network will contribute and organizes a number of activities in the following events

The Network to organize a series of meetings and training seminars within/back to back with:

More information to be announced in the following period through the website.

Other quick notes on future planning:

- Frank Wouters (Network Director), Mustapha Taoumi (Network Energy Technology Expert) and Nicholas Carter (Convener of WG on Electricity Interconnections and Regional Market Integration) are visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 28-29 September to meet with the GCC Interconnection Authority as well as with other energy stakeholders of the country to discuss specific cooperation activities within the Network working groups.

- The Network is planning a workshop on Local Renewables Manufacturing Industry.

- The date and place for the Working Groups Meetings and series of training seminars soon to be announced at the Network website.  

Stay tuned.

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EU-GCC Clean Energy Network II

Project Office:

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Project Key Experts Team:

Frank Wouters, Director

Mustapha Taoumi, Energy Technology Expert

Ioanna Makarouni, Communications Manager

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