FREE Webinar on ISO 9001:2015

BlueSynergy continues to offer our complimentary webinars throughout the balance of 2015. These 60-minute webinars cover three important aspects of what you need to know.

1.Changes to the ISO 9001 standard

  • Leadership, documentation, enhanced process approach and risk

2.Risk-based thinking

  • Definition, implementation and integration strategy

3.How to best plan your transition

  • Doing it right, not over-doing or under-doing it…a measured approach

We discuss these three aspects of your transition plan and share our experiences of having experienced previous ISO 9001 revisions.We outline a pragmatic approach for your transition that is based on your timeline and resources, all the while focusing on anticipated benefits to your hospital and your patients.

Feedback from our recent webinars indicates that we should ask you to invite others from your facility, such as Risk, Quality, Accreditation, Infection Prevention, etc. to join you in this FREE webinar. Space is limited to twenty persons per session to ensure that we have a manageable Q&A session after the presentation. To register for the FREE webinar or for more information, click on the button below.

You can always call us toll free at 1-844-424-7825 and press 2 (support) or you can email us at support@BlueSynergyAssociates.

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ISO 9001 Webinar Promotion includes FREE personal advising

Now through November 30th, BlueSynergy will be giving one-half hour of transition advice FREE when you purchase all three (3) of the transition webinars.

These include:

  • 2015 Transition Planning- A sixty (60) minute working webinar limited to five (5) participants to create a basic plan for your individual hospital to begin the transition plan to ISO 9001-2015. A Gantt chart will be used for the planning process. Cost is $199.00/person

  • 2015 Changes- A sixty (60) minute working webinar limited to five (5) participants to discuss the new requirements using a cross-walk for 9001-2008 to 9001-2015. These changes include enhanced process management, new requirements for leadership, and risk-based thinking. Cost is $199.00/person

    • Risk-based Thinking- A sixty (60) minute working webinar limited to five (5) participants to discuss the new requirement of risk-based thinking. Using your existing FMEA or risk tool, we will review and discuss how these activities may help you meet this new requirement. Cost is $199.00/person
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    Update from DNV-GL Symposium

    ISO 9001:2008 certificates will not be issued after March 22, 2017 (with some exceptions). 

    All certificates to ISO 9001:2008 will have a maximum expiration date of Septermber 22, 2018. 

    All certificates issued to 2008 edition need to be transitioned to the new standard by September 22, 2018. (When does your certificate expire?)

    Two popular topics we heard while attending the DNV-GL Symposium

    Internal audits and Contracted services

    Both Internal Audits and Contracted services have specific requirements which must be met.

    Internal audits are one of the areas which  hospitals have contacted us for some additional guidance on how to not just meet the requirement but to make their audit program more efficient. Auditing is resource intensive and when implemented incorrectly, it can quickly become more of a burden to the hospital instead of an improvement activity. You cannot audit quality into a process just like you can not inspect quality into a process. Auditing is one way to understand process capability, it is not the way to ensure you have a quality outcome from the process.

    If have questions on how to plan an internal audit program or how to incorporate value added auditing into your program, please reach out to us by phone or email which can be found on our webpage or by clicking the button below.

    Contracted services is another one of the requirements which can cause heartburn. 

    This requirement can bring many benefits to the hospital when implemented and maintained correctly. From a financial perspective, understanding and managing your vendors is essential. Beyond the financial side, vendor management is critical from a risk and process capability perspective. This requirement goes well beyond just thinking about the vendors which touch our patients.

    Vendors introduce risk and uncertainty into our processes. Our vendors become our partners as we provide patient care. The question is: Do our vendors help us to have better controlled processes OR do they add uncertainty and variation into our stream of patient care? 

    We need to think beyond the financial side and incorporate vendor management from the risk and uncertainty side as well.

    If you have questions about how to improve your Contracted Services, please reach out to us by phone or email which can be found on our webpage or by clicking the button below.

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    What the “experts” are saying about your QMS

    Here is a recent article from Harvard Business Review regarding the need for effective management systems in our hospitals. When properly implemented, our processes are sustainable by their design, not by heroics. The outcome is a better environment in which to work and a more reliable outcome for our patients. Please click the subtitle to read the article or the button below.

    Harvard Business Review article

    Wednesday, November 11 is Veterans Day

    Everyone at BlueSynergy Associates would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to all of the veterans whom have served and to everyone presently serving our country today. Please remember to thank our veterans on Wednesday, November 11. 

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