Exciting times at Arken Church
Linda Berglings Internationella helandetjänst


Exciting Times at Arken Bible Center

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Arken Bible Center, founded in 1986 by its pastors Gunnar and Linda Bergling

We are immensely grateful for all God has done in and through our congregation and ministry to date; and look with great expectancy to the future.

Our mandate
has been to prepare a place for healing and restoration: a place where the weak and weary would receive salvation, new strength, freedom and joy from Jesus; and where believers would be equipped for the healing ministry.

Our vision is based on Ezekiel 34:16 where the Lord says: “I will search for the lost and bring back the strays, I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak.”

With a local congregation of about 500 members and an extensive and growing international ministry we continually seek to fulfill this vision. 

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Our Bible School

Arken’s Bible School "Jesus Heals and Restores” gives a firm foundation in the Word of God, helps students establish a strong personal relationship with the Lord and provides practical experience of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. In its essence the school is a place for healing and restoration of the body and soul.

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Our Healing Center

Our Healing Center offers individual intercessory prayer, counseling,a telephone prayer line, Healing days and instruction courses for prayer teams and intercessors.

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Ministry to Israel

At Arken we love and seek to bless Israel as the Bible instructs. We also have a mandate from God to bring the healing ministry of Yeshua to the people of Israel.

Last November Linda spent eight days in Israel with a team, travelling about 700 km. They met personally with over 40 pastors and leaders in different parts of the country, ministered in various congregations and inspired in the healing ministry. 

Israel Trip 12 - 22 May 2016
We have now arranged a trip from 12 - 22 May 2016. This will comprise a "prophetic field/study trip "  followed by a conference focused on healing of the body and soul.

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Arken currently operates in 13 countries through 24 ongoing missions projects: Building children’s homes, schools and clinics; supporting destitute children in slums; arranging pastors- and leadership training seminars and bible courses; and giving practical training in the biblical healing ministry.

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Some of our guest ministers this year

Marc du Pont
Heidi Baker
Suzette Hattingh Jul 2016
Gayle Claxton Jul 2016
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Linda's Travel Itinerary

Toronto, Canada

14 - 19 February 2016


12 - 22 May 2016

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