A few inspiring headlines...

All We Want For Christmas is... You

Take a look on what we've planned for the Christmas season - of course, you're invited!


Explore the Synagogues of Kaunas

Both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have already passed, but the history of synagogues in our city is worth taking your camera out. 


Time Travel to the 60s

Two of the oldest restaurants in Kaunas were opened 50 years ago. Time to taste some game and shashlik.


A Monument Like No Other

If you're tired of regular monuments you'll surely love this one. Right in the heart of the Old Town!


Devils' museum

Don't get offended if someone tells you 'go to hell' while in Kaunas - we're pretty sure they're just recommending to visit world's only Devils' museum. With an exhibition of more than 3000 devils from all around the world, pretty much Halloween 365 days a year!


Events worth checking out while you’re here

12.20 Martynas Levickis: Classic Live Show

Martynas Levickis (interviewed by The Telegraph a few years ago) has made the accordion officially trendy again. Together with a symphonic orchestra, he'll perform the most beautiful classical pieces in the biggest arena in the Baltics right before Christmas. 


10.13-12.31 Tropical Butterfly Exhibition

The VMU Botanical Garden is also worth visiting in the colder time of the year. A new exhibition of butterflies from all over the world has just been opened - new species will be coming every two weeks! And it's 25+ degrees in the exhibition hall...  


11.10 Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze – Power of kora and trumper

Creating from the heart is the essence of the musical works of Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze. These two musicians listens to each other. There is a endless trust between them and they exchange ideas and due to that they do create the great beauty. Don't miss the chance to hear them live in the VMU Main Hall.


11.10-13 Exhibition 'Woman's World'

More than 400 beauty and lifestyle experts will showcase what they know and trade the best in the annual exposition held in the Žalgiris arena. Pretty please!


Kaunas is the second city in Lithuania, located right in the centre of the country and convenient to reach by plane, car, train or bus. A decent balance of medieval, retro, future, nostalgic and hipster, the city is ready to be discovered by both foreign tourists and local residents. 

Head on to visit.kaunas.lt to plan your agenda - it’ll be kaunastic to have you here.