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~ KnittingCrocheting Gazette Issue 1.01, May 2014 ~
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From The Editor

Hi!  My name is Debbie and I'll be putting together our monthly Gazette. I have worked with Martin and Michal in the past and am very excited to be back on their team and helping people around the world connect with like-minded (or like-crafted) people!

A little about me: I am a crocheter - I've tried several times to knit but it just isn't in the cards. Many of my family members knit (I'm so jealous) and some are also crocheters. My favourite creations are afghans, although I have made a few sweaters.

Well, that's me, now let's take a look at what you have been doing ....

~ Debbie

KnittingCrocheting Awards - Spring 2014

Our first Awards event has come and gone and we had a total of 9 entries! 
Thank-you to everyone who participated by entering a creation as well as by voting and congratulations to our Award recipients!

Award Winner

Congratulations to etelina, our Award Winner, with her entry "Green Crochet Bolero".

Runner Up

And congratulations to Petra, our runner up, with "As Green As Grass Cap". 

See Full Award Results

The Gallery

Blogs' Highlight


Manualnia shared some "ins, outs, and roundabouts" about using "Markers" to help keep track of where you are and where you've been. Click here to learn about using MARKERS for your knitting/crocheting.

From The Forums

Sock Heels: Melanie asked about turning the heel without getting big holes in the process. Read the discussion here


Throughout each month we will be highlighting a different theme, focusing on a specific type of project or technique. 

This past month we focused on HATS

Please add your HAT creations and/or techniques & tips to the comments section! 


Bonus Creations!

Our Stats

May 6, 2014: We are 115 knitters & crocheters making 399 comments on 130 creations, 7 blogs, and 2 forum topics

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  • WoodworkingWeb: the "cutting edge" community for woodworkers
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