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Michael Wiese was diagnosed with Parkinson's nine years ago. He tried a variety of treatments but it wasn't until he met Alex Kerten in Israel that he made a significant breakthrough. Alex has been working with Parkinson's clients for thirty years employing a synthesis of dance therapy, behavior modification, and martial arts. After working with Alex, Michael was able to eliminate 40-60% of his symptoms. He was so impressed with Alex's results that Michael published the best-selling book – GOODBYE PARKINSON'S, HELLO LIFE by Alex Kerten and David Brinn.

Wanting to share his good fortune, Michael combined what he had learned with Alex and other disciplines into this exercise video demonstrating the basic principles that has improved his mental and physical condition.

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Did you know this exercise video was inspired by the bestselling book on Parkinson's?

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Praise for Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life!

“Alex Kerten has given an answer to Parkinson’s conditions for which there are there are no answers in any other kind of treatment. He strengthens not only patients’ motor skills but also their confidence in themselves. I would recommend anyone with signs of Parkinson’s to try Alex’s methods.”

Dr. Zeev Nitzan, Neurologist, Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon, Israel


“Alex’s messages of living in attunement with our bodies, becoming more aware of the communication between mind and body, and the influence these have on our behavior encourage us to take responsibility for our own health, happiness, and hope.”

Joanne Taormina, LMSW, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, Ithaca, NY


"Alex Kerten and David Brinn have written a sensitive and insightful guide that offers a real avenue of hope for Parkinson’s patients and their families. Not only through its unique outlook on movement and rhythm but also through its plain talk life lessons, Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello life should provide all the tools required to get you back on your feet both physically and spiritually.”

—Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, international bestselling author of 30 books and founder of The World Values Network


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