N 11 (66) 1-31 May 2016

The following report includes results of the Georgian media monitoring for 1-31 May 2016, and activities conducted on the basis of this monitoring.

Main Observations:

• In connection with the international day against homophobia on 17 May there was increase of homophobic sentiments and statements in the media, including those from several members of the Georgian Parliament.

• In connection with 17 May being proclaimed family sacredness day by the Georgian Patriarchy, on 16-17 May World Family Congress was held, with speakers engaging in homophobic and anti-Western rhetoric. The Congress was covered live by Maestro TV, after which it was aired again. During live coverage many discriminatory statements were made;

• Turkophobia and Armenophobia were still leading among the xenophobic statements in the Georgian media;

• The juvenile justice law was depicted as a law for the war against family values. Various representatives of the public, media and clerics made statements about threats coming from the law;


• In connection to Kortskheli incident (physical assault during the by-election in village Kortskheli) there were strengthened hate speech and incitement of violence towards United National Movement;


• Discriminatory statements were made against female politicians and women rights defenders.

Examples from the media monitoring results for May:

Hate speech/incitement of violence/politicians

Tabula, Focus, 25 May

Omar Nishnianidze, Georgian Dream: “They should had been beaten already, if they were punished in the past, this would not have happened today. They must not be beaten on the election day and during election period, but otherwise they should be beaten... All Georgia blesses the hands of those who beat up Bokeria and others, so how can we punish them?”

Hate speech/media

Saqinform, 31 May

Headline: "Don’t arrest! – elite drug addicts, liberasts and whore monde [beau monde] will hold a rally demanding decriminalization of drugs on 2 June"

Xenophobia/ politicians

16 May, Saqinform

Sandro Bregadze, former Deputy Minister for Reintegration:  „The avenue is occupied by Iraqis, Syrians, Africans, Arabs, Turks who involve minor Georgian girls into prostitution...

Xenophobia /public

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 27 May

TV viewer: Perhaps all this is being done on purpose, the Chinese are coming, now imagine what a horror will happen here when 1-billion sized China starts to come to Georgia? They buy stuff, they have a lot of money, and since they have a lot of money our government gives them lands, as well as to the Turks...”

Kviris Palitra, 23-29 May

Tamazi, resident of village Ieli:  We shall spill blood but won’t allow ravage of our region. We shall not allow destruction of the mountain. Chinese company will not establish itself here.

Armenophobia/ media

Marshalpress, 19 May

“How can Armenians make claims for not only neighboring lands, but also for Ukrainian cities (Kiev, Lviv) and southern Russia (Stavropol, Krasnodar, Armavir), when they steal other people’s music, culinary, engage in real plagiarism and other shameless immoral dealings. The author of these lines has seen many tames that this brilliant phrase of a social network user is correct: “First there were Armenians on Earth, and later humans“.

Turkophobia / politicians

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 6 May

David Tarkhan-Mouravi, Patriots Alliance: [Turkey] sent a submarine and Mr Davutoglu said that they were going to re-establish the Turkish empire. They went into Iraq and now say they are not planning to leave it yet...“

Turkophobia/ media

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 23 May

Nino Ratishvili, anchor: “Two Abkhazians came and one of them, maybe he has Turkish origins, shot [Giga Otkhozoria] in stomach and head.”

Homophobia / politicians

Maestro, Kontakti; Rustavi 2, Kurieri at 21:00; Public Broadcasing, Moambe at 20:00; Pia; Marshalpress

Tamaz Mechiauri, (left Georgian Dream on 21 May)  - "Those that go and insult the patriarchy are not LGBT but pederasts. And whether they are LGBT or pederasts, let them get out of here”.

Imedi, Chronika, Marshalpress, Netgazeti, 17 May

Nukri Kantaria, Georgian Dream: "There never where Romeo and Romeo, Juliette and Juliette... This is not natural, this is deviation, this may be sickness but this is not organic”.

Homophobia /non-governmental organizations

Asaval-Dasavali, 16-22 May

Zviad Chitishvili, citizen’s political union Our Homeland (businessman from Russia): „I ask and call on LGBT activists – do not go out to streets on 17 May!... And call for unity everyone in Georgia for whom this filth is unacceptable, this filth that they preach to our children and future generation! Let us show everyone that we are many!“

Homophobia/ anti-Western sentiments / media 11, May

David Mkheidze, journalist: „Homosexuality and juvenile justice against family and the Church is not democracy it is demoassy which rules in America and Europe and means dictatorship of godless Satanist minority over believing majority.“

Homophobia /clerics

Asaval-Dasavali, 16-22 May

David Isakadze, archpriest: “Sodomy is not just religious sin, it is a powerful genocidal weapon against any nation!”

Anti-Western sentiments/ politicians

PIA , 10 May

Nino Burjanadze - Democratic Movement – United Georgia“ I understand that large part of political specter is fully dependent on good will of the West, but they don’t accept us in NATO, so for how long can they lie to the people?! ”.

Asaval-Dasavali, 16-22 May

Gogi Topadze, Industry Will Save Georgia, Georgian Dream: It is shameless to say that soon doors of NATO will open, this is a lie! Remember what it did to many countries, how it destroyed Yugoslavia and bombed Belgrade without permission from the Security Council“.

Kavkasia, Dghes, 3 May

Jondi Baghaturia, Democratic Movement – United Georgia: „This is new European and American standard in Georgia which in the West is called ‘juvenile justice’. On the basis of this law several hundred thousand children are taken from their families in France and 110 000 children could not be returned by the families!“

Pirveli Radio, 17 May

Tamaz Mechiauri, (left Georgian Dream on 21 May): The plebiscite result to which both past and present governments appeal, claiming that joining NATO is the choice of the Georgian people, must be questioned, in my opinion“.

Anti-Western sentiments/clerics

Asaval-Dasavali, 16-22 May

David Isakadze, archpriest: In the countries where the law on juvenile justice has been enacted there are numerous cases when children are taken from their families for absurd and often fabricated reasons, and at the same time they constantly exercise psychological pressure on children and sometimes directly preach disobedience of their parents!“

Gender discrimination /politicians

Tabula, Focus, 11 May

Tamaz Mechiauri, Georgian Dream: ... A lady [Tina Khidasheli] cannot be handed a rifle and given a right to make decisions...

Gender discrimination/ media

Asaval-Dasavali, 16-22 May

Giorgi Gigauri, journalist: „I believe even a child can understand that the goal of these snakes (Kordzaia and Khidasheli] is not to defend women’s rights, but to belittle men and turn all Georgia into Conchitas“!“

Gender discrimination /stereotypes/ clerics

Asaval-Dasavali, 30 May - 5 June

Giorgi Doreuli, archpriest: „I beg forgiveness but today women are so emboldened that they talk about women’s rights and gender equality all day. We Georgians are not Asians, we are Christians, and of course we shall react on immoral behavior of women“.

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