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Welcome to Issue 1.08 ~  December 2014 

From the Editor

It's December. 2014 is coming to an end and we will be heading toward our 1st Anniversary later in the spring.

It's been a great 2014 so far, hasn't it? "681 woodworkers, 626 creations, 294 blogs and 200 forum topics" as of today. We've also held three Awards events and some fun challenges as well.  I get excited thinking about what will unfold for 2015!

With the December holidays well on their way, I wish everyone a super-fantastic holiday season, month of December and Happy New Year, when it gets here!! 

~ Debbie

From The Team

Updated Notifications

Just a small upgrade but a worthwhile one nonetheless. The links – in the notifications – to the new posts in discussions you’re following will now take you right to the... Read more here

Awards: Sneak Preview!!

Our next WoodworkingWeb Awards is coming soon. I think it has something to do with building a wooden toy (hint hint) ..... 

Keep your eyes open for the formal announcement (follow Martin's blog

Trending In The Gallery This Month

Dinner On The Lake Of Fire
Created by Britboxmaker

"So called because I think it looks like a minimalist table perched on molten lava.

Read more here - and post your comments!

Leg Vise_Kiefer Knee Vise
Created by Kiefer

"This is my new leg vise with a self locking quick action mechanism that I designed and it is so simple and made from common construction materials."

Read more here - and post your comments!

More Amazing WoodworkingWeb Creations

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Interview With A Woodworker: BarbS

"My ‘Inspiration Story’ was one of necessity. When my children were small, if I wanted bookshelves or night stands in their rooms, I had to knock something together with hammer and nails. I over-built everything, and just learned as I went on, relying on the library for guidance. Very slowly, things improved! There’s nothing quite like..."

Read the full interview here

Photo by: HorizontalMike

Monthly Theme: Holiday Home Decor

Our WoodworkingWeb members have created and shared some really beautiful carved creations. 

Share your creations, tips & strategies here.

(Holiday Home Decor - By Walnut)

Our THEME Library

Weekly Briefs

Watch for our "Weekly Briefs" - a quick look at what's new on the site, including Editor's Choice & Fans' Choice Creations and woodworking tips/strategies shared by our members.
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Stats & More

STATS: We are 681 woodworkers making 6,865 comments on 626 creations, 294 blogs and 200 forum topics.

Last month: We were 532 woodworkers making 6,003 comments on 515 creations, 265 blogs and 179 forum topics.

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