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Tipping Point:

The Transformation of America's Healthcare System

by John Bass, Founder & CEO Hashed Health

We are accelerating towards a healthcare financial crisis in the US.  For many families, it’s already here. In the last 10 years, US healthcare prices are up 22% (vs 17% for the general economy). US Healthcare expenditures are up 45% (vs 28% for the general economy). We have institutionalized a dangerous marketplace known for a lack of competition, obscure pricing and contracting, high administrative costs, and the consumer’s willingness to pay without asking questions or having answers. 

The winners have leveraged the current design to profit in an irrational market.  Pricing variation, over-consumption and administrative waste are all someone’s profit margin.  These companies are emboldened by the infrastructure-heavy business processes that persist in healthcare.  These models rely on centralization of data and business models that aggregate and leverage consumer data for profit.

This will not continue another ten years.  The government, employers and patient customers are at a breaking point.  There is a crisis of confidence in foundational healthcare systems. There will be a dramatic shift, either forced or voluntary.

See the full article here: Tipping Point

Announcement & Call for Speakers

On behalf of Distributed Conferences, Hashed Health and BTC Media would like to formally invite you to the upcoming Distributed: Health 2018 Conference. The conference will be held November 5th & 6th, 2018, at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN.

The Distributed: Health Conference is the premiere global  healthcare blockchain conference bringing together  leaders and companies in the forefront of healthcare innovation. The goal of the Distributed: Health is to be a forum for all Stakeholders in the healthcare space; including payers, providers, pharma companies, medical device manufacturers, and the leading blockchain companies.  

If you are interested in speaking at or sponsoring the event, please emailsbetts@hashedhealth.com

Registration is now open, lock in Early Bird Pricing with discount code : HashedHealthGuest

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Spencer Betts at sbetts@hashedhealth.com

Find more information or register at: http://health.distributed.com/

Connor Herman Director of Token Analysis at Radar Relay joined the Nashville Blockchain Meetup to discuss their platform.  He walked the assembled crowd through the different kinds of exchanges and how a relay is different.  He then went into the Radar Relay offering and the 0X protocol before talking about the future of decentralized exchanges.  Catch the full discussion by subscribing to the series on SoundCloud or catching the livestream feeds on  YouTube.

Listen to Episode #18

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Hashed Health is a healthcare innovation company leading the design, development and productive use of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Hashed Health partners with public and private sector clients to collaboratively develop solutions and networks that solve health delivery challenges. Hashed Health’s mission is to create new shared value systems for individuals and communities of health through a variety of enterprise and consumer-focused projects.
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