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Greetings Doctor Who: Legacy fans!  

We're quite proud to report that Doctor Who: Legacy picked up two awards in the BestAppEver awards that we asked in the past for you to take the time to vote on.  Obviously you listened, and for that we are very grateful!

Best Brain and Puzzle Android Game of 2013!


2nd place for Most Innovative Android Game of 2013!

Last night's patch ended last week's bonus to Season 6 experience and fragment drop.  We are now in Season 5 150% bonus experience week and that also means increased fragment drops in Season 5 (including the new ones required for Rank 5 upgrades!).

This week sees the return of the Tiny Rebel Games designed "Team of the Week", this one built around the Fifth Doctor.

What's awesome about this team pack, you ask?  Well lots of things!

  • It includes Rose Tyler and the Fifth Doctor, neither of whom drop in the game until Hunt For Greyhound One.
  • It also works interchangeably well with the other Jenny who you get in the beginning of the game, if you want some variety.
  • The team is built on a great little Green powerhouse core --- The Fifth Doctor of course has a great ability which drops in green gems after your turn.  Green Adipose of course converts blues gems to green gems.  Church Verger powers up your Greens.  Rose Tyler, also green, will help deal with nuisances like blind, granite, locks, etc --- by resetting the board for you.  And then on the red side (since mono color teams can be rough), you have Jenny the Doctors Daughter to boost your red power (you could also sub in the Paternoster Jenny to switch gems to red if you like) and Jennifer Lucas for some healing (swap red to pink).  Another great way to vary up this team is with +Ianto from the Fan Area, who will stun an enemy for 4 rounds.

Doctor Who: Legacy and Titan Comics Announce Partnership!

When the first issues of Titan Comics' all-new ongoing comics series (Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1) are released July 23, readers will discover at last how new companions Gabriella Gonzalez and Alice Obiefune enter the Doctor’s lives!

We can now announce that these first issues will also each include an exclusive link to a code that readers can use to bring these new comics companions into their Doctor Who: Legacy games.  That’s not all – players will also be able to pit these new companions against thrilling new levels and enemies ripped from the pages of the comics – for free!

"We're very excited to be working with Titan to add the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors' newest companions to the world of Legacy," said Susan and Lee Cummings of Tiny Rebel Games. "Seeing them fight alongside other fan-favorite companions like Amy, Clara and River Song, and go up against the amazing new enemies introduced in the comics, is pretty thrilling!"

“Doctor Who fans from all over the world have already flocked to Legacy – and with good reason!” Said Doctor Who comics editor, Andrew James. “So collaborating with the Legacy team to bring our comics companions into the game was a perfect opportunity. It’s a real delight for us that Gabby and Alice can now go on new adventures with the Doctor in between issues – and we look forward to sharing more comics-driven content through Legacy in the future!”

Exclusive Code for Newsletter!

We have an exclusive code for you here on the newsletter which will unlock Gabby from the Doctor Who comic series along with this new outfit, only available here on the newsletter

Enter this code in the promo tab of the options menu:  


Weekly Twitch.TV Live Broadcast!

Hunt For Greyhound One! Comicon week! So much to talk about!  

And we're giving away ANOTHER costume code for Gabby!  We'll also be talking about the upcoming release of Hunt For Greyhound One and future plans!

Usual time and place:  

12 pm pacific / 8 pm UK


Don't miss it!

The Hunt for Greyhound One goes into submission 1st AUGUST! (will be released asap after approval)

Ace Giveaway Starts Next Week!

Leading mobile gaming site, Pocketgamer, is helping us celebrate the upcoming launch of the Hunt For Greyhound One!  

Beginning next week, they'll be giving away single use promo codes to unlock Ace early every couple days until we launch the expansion!  

This is your very first chance to unlock Ace, who will of course be appearing in The Hunt For Greyhound One in August.  Good luck!

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