ACTUATE - Advanced Training and Education for Safe Eco-driving of Clean Vehicles

2nd of 4 Newsletter

With the aim to optimize driving performance for reduced energy consumption, the ACTUATE project consortium - consisting of public transport operators and other partners - develops and applies advanced driver training and education concepts on safe eco-driving of clean vehicles in the public transport sector. Eco-driving has the potential to reduce both emissions and operating costs as well as to increase passenger safety. ACTUATE will provide a range of key benefits for interested stakeholders including information material on training and promotion campaigns for eco-driving considering the special requirements of clean vehicle fleets.  All outputs and results of the project – such as minimum training criteria, learning outcomes and training concepts/ material for eco-driving – will help other public transport providers to train their own drivers in a tried and tested manner.For current updates and general information on the project just visit the news and media section, where you can download the ACTUATE Press Kit in several languages or sign up for the newsletter.

ACTUATE’s third Partner Meeting in Parma
On 12 and 13 June 2013 the ACTUATE consortium came together for a successful third Partner Meeting in Parma, Italy.
To kick-off the meeting, the public transport operators participating in ACTUATE exchanged their views on the safe eco-driving training concepts and materials for different clean vehicles types they have developed. The partners also reported on their experiences with the pilot-trainings that had already been carried out for drivers of trolleybuses, trams and hybrid-buses.  more

Motivational in-house campains

In order to support their introduction of safe eco-driving trainings and in order to motivate drivers to apply and retain their newly acquired eco-driving skills, all ACTUATE partners are currently designing motivational in-house campaigns. Every campaign will be tailored to meet specific local requirements.
Leipzig for example the idea is to implement a bonus scheme for LVB drivers. more

Salzburg – 273 trolleybus drivers trained in safe eco-driving
As the first partner of the ACTUATE consortium, Salzburg AG (SAG) has successfully trained all of its 273 trolleybus drivers in safe eco-driving. An immediate before/after comparison, which was part of the training sessions, showed that more than 90 per cent of all drivers were able to cut down energy consumption (20 per cent on average) by applying safe eco-driving techniques acquired in ACTUATE. With a software solution developed by ACTUATE partners SAG and Cegelec (a supplier of electrical equipment for trolleybuses) it is now also possible to measure the energy consumption for each individual driver during the training sessions.  more

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Training materials for safe eco-driving of trolleybuses and hybrid buses now available

As part of the project outputs the ACTUATE partners are developing training concepts and materials for safe eco-driving of clean vehicles. These training materials enable other public transport operators to train their own drivers of clean vehicles in a tried and tested manner.
If you’re interested to implement and validate the safe eco-driving concepts for your own clean vehicle drivers read more