Together, music makes us one.

One day. One Song. Unite as one.

What are you doing May 4th – Music Monday?

Celebrate the unifying power of music!

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“What if we could get everyone who believes in music to come together this year, on Music Monday and Music Up Canada – All of us!”

- Connor Ross, Anthem songwriter, We are One

Sing. Play. Tune in.

We Are Creative Project

Calling the Creative Canadian Community – all ages – all backgrounds! Show us your creativity by re-imagining the Music Monday Anthem WE ARE ONE. Make the Music Monday Anthem your own! Give it your special flare, your style.


Do you know a student who has made a significant difference for their music program? Tell us about them and what they’ve done! Nominate a student for a NUFSICISUM award. Winners will receive a cash reward and a plaque. Their school will receive a cash reward for their music program.

NUFSICISUM Award winners will be announced during the live Music Monday webcast. We will also acknowledge winners and their schools on our website and through social media. The NUFSICISUM award was created in honour of Phil Nimmons. The awards are possible due to donations, especially with the generous support of Eli and Phil Taylor.

Check out this video! Nominations are open now until April 27, 2015!


for youth-by youth-through music! 

Exciting times! Since we launched the project in September, we have travelled to 11 communities across Canada to meet with youth who are passionate about music. Most recently in North Bay, youth from various schools unified to create Youth4Music North Bay! Local youth leader Dustin Philpott set up a Facebook page overnight to keep the momentum going. A leadership team attended the Wise Voices for Music event the next day to represent the youth voice and was impressive (but we knew that!). Youth4Music North Bay has already held their first meeting and set out short and long-term goals (more impressive!) In St. John’s NL, youth agreed to establish a Youth4Music NL. Charlottetown is planning another youth event.

A mighty group in Saskatoon set out goals to activate Youth4Music Saskatoon and they’ve already started strategizing how to activate the nation-wide movement.

A National Youth Advisory Committee of youth leaders from across Canada is forming now in order to build on the groundswell of passion.

Your voice counts! Join the Youth4Music network. Contact our National Youth Coordinator, Anah Shabbar youthcoordinator@musicmakesus.ca

Music, an International Language.

Ellen Vollebregt is a piano player, business student at Ottawa University and works for the Ottawa Conservatory of Music as a teacher.

She is currently helping organize a Youth4Music roundtable in Ottawa on March 26th.

Here’s what Ellen has to say about the role music has played in her life:

Music has the potential to impact us all. Whether you learn a musical instrument, teach someone else the elements of music or just simply hear a song on the radio that moves you it can affect you. For me, music has always been one of the most important areas of my life. Music being a universal language is one of the only ways some people can communicate. Someone can learn to play the same piano sonata in Canada, China or France. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about music and music education.

At the age of five, I began to learn the basics of music and took weekly piano lessons. I started to compete, take exams through the Royal Conservatory of Music and then when I was fourteen I started to teach and coach piano. Through my music studies, I became a more diligent, motivated and determined young adult. Now, as a student at the University of Ottawa, I believe some of my greatest skills developed because of my music education. 

"For me, music has always been one of the most important areas of my life." -Ellen Vollebregt 

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In Memoriam

We honour the life of Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming. We remember Lois as a pivotal advocate for music education, a former Board member, a mentor and friend.

While sad news, Lois would likely value the re-surgence of youth leadership to advocate for music education. We can celebrate her legacy with these renewed efforts.

Lois was an honourary life member of the Coalition

Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming was an outstanding Music Educator, author, and composer. She lectured in Canada, the USA, France, Finland, and South Africa on Orff techniques and the musical development of handicapped and exceptional children. Many of her workshops, lectures and courses were designed for provincial and national associations, music educators, and therapists, as well as university departments.  


Call for Board Members

Have you ever considered being part of an inspiring movement to build awareness about the essential value of learning music for all young people in Canada? Now is your chance. Join the national Board of Directors of the Coalition for Music Education in Canada. Check out this Call for Board Members . Nominations are now open until May 1, 2015 for terms that will start summer 2015. It’s a great time to join us and help guide strategies to advance the movement for music education in Canada!

2-3 minutes

Did you participate in Music Monday last year? If so, would you please complete this brief survey? It should only take a few minutes of your time. It will provide us with important demographic data about participation in our Music Monday program. This information is required by Canadian Heritage as part of our funding. 

Thank you so much for your time and support! http://fluidsurveys.com/s/MusicMonday10-2014/

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