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Overland Missions!! Taking the Gospel Of Jesus Christ to those isolated by geography in the most remote & forgotten areas of world. Any road...Any Load....Any Time

Advanced Missions Training Video

In case you missed our video from Adanced Missions Training. This video gives a glimpse of what life was like for the three months we were in training. 

Savanah Ashley turns 8

This girl is AMAZING! She is a joy! She LOVES Jesus with all her heart. She accepted Christ when she was 4, made the decision to get baptized when she was 6 and her relationship with the Lord has continued to grow. During our time in Africa, she made friends with a little girl during one of our night meetings and laid hands on her to pray. I love seeing her experience God and discover Jesus. She is so keen, enthusiastic and natural about God. I love seeing her grow, change and become more like Jesus. I could talk about her all day, but bottom line I am so proud of her and I am so honored God chose me to be her mom! 

We are 40% funded

Right now we are at 40% funded for our monthly financial support. 

Our goal is to head out in JUNE to Africa. We have been visiting churches in Tulsa, MO and PA sharing our heart beat in reaching the unreached people groups in Africa. 

We will be in Pennsylvania till right after Easter. We would love to see you, thank you, show you pictures and share our hearts with you about what ministry looks like for the next two years.  

If you have a church you would like us to speak at or a small group please contact us at 918-629-1824. We would LOVE to ;-) 

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