Your WoodworkingWeb Gazette: Issue 3.04 - April 2016

Spring is in the air - the birds (see our monthly theme) are migrating, the flowers are flowering, and the saws are sawing, as woodworkers prepare their entries for our Quarterly Awards (see below), and, in your shop, , ... well, what is happening? 

When I think of spring, I think of new beginnings and inspirations. This, typically, also brings with it new challenges. These can be seen as obstacles or opportunities - opportunities to learn and to develop skills, which is exciting! 

I, for one, would love to hear what is in the works in your shop: what are you working on? What new skills are you going to take on? What challenges are you struggling with at the moment and which ones have you recently overcome?

Post a blog and share your story - we'd love to hear! Remember, that when you share what you learn, we all learn. 



Awards: Dovetail Joint

"Living on the edge, with dovetail joints. It’s time to get edgy and showcase your dovetail joinery. Whether the creation is big or small, it’s all about the dovetails for this Awards event."

Deadline: April 24

Read more here.


Blue Eyes Woman

Created by Andulino

"This is my newest fantasy wooden marquetry of the beautiful girl."




Gates For A Friend

Created by Dutchy

"This 20" dump truck is ……….."

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Theme of the Month: Birds

Not only do our Theme pages showcase the beautiful creations that have been made by our members but they also provide an opportunity for sharing tips, tutorials, questions, and support for woodworking techniques.

This month, we are are showcasing creations inspired by *birds*. 

Check out our theme page here. 

Interview With A Woodworker

"My interest in woodworking began about a year into me volunteering at my local country park. I had gone primarily to be part of a nature conservation club and to help out with the farm livestock there; little did I know that this would later direct me to farming and setting up my own business. Back then I was an immature teenager, who didn’t really fit in anywhere and had no real direction so one of the park rangers took me under his wing. He showed me my first billhook and taught me to sharpen it." 

Read the entire interview with Bo Peep, here. 

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