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Biweekly Cybersecurity Newsletter - Jan 18th, 2017

2017 HIPAA Enforcement starts with a BANG!

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced the first HIPAA settlement of 2017. This is also the first settlement to date solely based on an unnecessary delay to breach notification after the exposure of patients’ protected health information. Presence Health, one of the largest healthcare networks serving residents of Illinois, has agreed to pay OCR $475,000 to settle potential HIPAA Breach Notification Rule violations.


A year in review – 3.1 billion records leaked!

Based on the calculations that involve intricate process of adding up all the numbers from the breach stories that are reported, a terrifying year's end list of cyber attacks and data breaches has been complied. According to this list, 2015 had 480 million breaches and 2016 had 3.1 billion breaches! What’s to come for 2017?


2017 Begins with Unanswered Questions about Cybercrime

The new year begins with two big unanswered questions on the cybercrime front: Did the Russians influence the U.S. presidential election, and how did hackers gain access to 1.5 billion Yahoo accounts? The fact that we may never have definitive answers suggests that 2017 will be just as digitally perilous for most people as last year.


HIPAA Enforcement – Are you ready for 2017?

OCR is ramping up their HIPAA enforcement activities including audits to include desktop and comprehensive on-site audits of covered entities as well as business associates. Much of the funds collected this year from OCR enforcement efforts are being funneled into the audit program. In addition to OCR enforcement, it is also expected that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state governments may start to weigh in more heavily on patient privacy and consumer protection. Though the regulatory landscape may be subject to changes under a new Administration in 2017, the threats are clear and therefore cyber security and HIPAA compliance remain an important priority.


'Zero Trust': The Way Forward in Cybersecurity

Data breaches are all over the news. With breaches on the rise, how can today's security professionals transition from a reactive method of security to one that proactively identifies and eliminates threats? The US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform have issued a report containing a formal recommendation that federal agencies should adopt the Zero Trust Model of Cybersecurity, which centers on the belief that both internal and external networks cannot be trusted.

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Nobody is immune from cyber attacks! What basic steps should you take?

Yup, nobody is immune, not even our friendly neighborhood superheroes!   Everyone needs to be aware…. And prepared.

With 2017 having already started with a bang, be sure that you are doing all you can to protect yourself and your business from cyber attacks.  Some of the predictions for 2017 include more ransomware attacks and more sophisticated phishing. The Internet of Things vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited in a big way. Find here what basic steps should you take!

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