Monthly Gazette - Issue 3.06 - June 2016

Work In Progress

I have high respect for those who are so disciplined that they can work on a single creation, start to finish, before beginning a new project! 

I, typically, get about three-quarters through something and I start to get the itch to do something different, whether it's new yarn, another pattern or just a different hook. I am currently VERY close to coming to the end of an afghan I have been working on and I also just purchased six different yarns for future creations. My fingers seem to be working double-time as I try to finish up, while my brain is spinning, as I decide what each of the different yarns will become.  Fortunately, I haven't made any decisions, yet, about the new yarn, so my work-in-progress is still progressing! Maybe, just maybe, I will get it completed before starting my next "something". 

Anyone else battle that "itch" to move on before a project is completed? 
~ Debbie

Summer Awards

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Get your crochet hooks ready - our next "Quarterly Awards" is fast approaching.
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April's Top 5 Trending Creations

Editor's Gazette Choice

Flamingfountain1's Spring Tunic, to me, is so uplifting. The colours are soft, soothing, spring-like, and, well, yummy! 

And remember our Hexagon Collaboration? Well, in flamingfountain1-style, she made extras, thought outside the box, and used the hexagons to create this beautiful tunic. 

"I made it with baby yarn.
Wore it last night over a tank top and loved it.
Very comfortable. Hope you like it."

I like it; I like it!!! Thank-you for the inspiration. A spring tunic "Debbie-style" is now on my list. 

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Tips & Tutorials


First things first: what is amigurumi? 

Ami: crocheted (or knitted)
+ (Nui)gurumi: stuffed doll

That seems simple enough, right? You crochet, you stuff, you finish it up! Perfect. But things are never that simple, well, for most of us, anyway. Let's take a look at some amigurumi tips. 

  • patterns: when starting out, you might want to look for a simple pattern to follow. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily start adding your own whimsiness (or seriousness) or create your own design!
  • fun or serious: speaking of whimsy, do you want your creation to be fun and quirky or do you want it to be realistic? This decision impacts your yarn choice, colour choice, placement and sizes of arms/legs/eyes, etc. 
  • stitches: because you are stuffing your creation, you don't want the insides to be peaking out, so your stitches should be nice and tight. It is recommended that you choose a smaller hook (2 sizes smaller) than is recommended for the yarn. 
  • appendages: there is a 99.99% chance that you will be sewing pieces together. If you search, you will find many tips on how to best do this, but most important is a follow-up to the "stitches" discussion -- you want the seams nice and tight so that stuffing doesn't peek through!
  • child-proof: just in case your creation ends up in the hands of a young child, make sure those small parts can't come off (safety eyes, secure stitching, etc.)
  • stitch markers: if you are working in the round, which you probably will be doing, it is best to use a stitch marker to make sure you start/end a row in the same location. For some creations you can get away with doing a "spiral" circle, but getting that perfect circle without a visible path is what you really want to strive for. (There are tips & tricks out there for making that perfect transition to the next row.)
  • increases/decreases: stagger them! Unless you want some hexagon points in your circle, don't put your increases at the same point in the circle. Try it; you'll see what I mean! 
  • experiment: try different techniques; observe the effects; get to know what you like and don't like.
  • have fun: amigurumi creations are fun and the process should be as well!! Relax. Explore. And remember that practice makes perfect. 
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