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Biweekly Cybersecurity Newsletter - Aug 31st, 2016

Cyber attack at telecoms: Kaspersky Lab reveals facts

Telecommunications providers are a top target for cyber-attack. They operate and manage the world’s networks, voice and data transmissions and store vast amounts of sensitive data.  This makes them highly attractive to cybercriminals in search of financial gain, as well as nation-state sponsored actors launching targeted attacks, and even competitors. To achieve their goals, cybercriminals often use insiders as part of their malicious ‘toolset’, to help them breach the perimeter of a telecommunications company and perpetrate their crimes. New research by Kaspersky Lab reveals that 28% of all cyber-attacks, and 38% of targeted attacks now involve malicious activity by insiders.


Why WhatsApp Could Be A Game-Changer for American Health Care

When messaging service WhatsApp announced in April that it would adopt end-to-end encryption, it rankled law-enforcement agencies worldwide. But the move may have also opened the door to better healthcare. Nearly nine out of 10 doctors in Brazil communicate with patients using WhatsApp, in part because of its strong privacy controls. So far, U.S. doctors’ uptake has been slower — just 4% use it with patients — mostly out of concerns about violating HIPAA. But as the company flaunts its commitment to encryption, that could change. If WhatsApp ever decided to say, ‘We offer a HIPAA-compliant module,’ that would expedite those other companies going out of business!

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Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep cyber attackers from gettin’ to you !

Recent research suggests 35 percent of all cyberattacks go undetected. Attackers often lurk inside an organization’s systems for months before they make a move that can have catastrophic. This is a board-level issue, and it’s critical for top executives to support a strategy that will help the enterprise confront threats head on before actual damage occurs. One of the most important cybersecurity goals is acknowledging that protecting systems isn’t the domain of the IT department alone. Leaders must step up and help their teams understand that everybody plays a role in keeping the assets of the organization safe and secure. Well-educated and diligent staff is every organization’s best defense. You can be your organization’s rock star today by demanding that everybody views cybersecurity as a 24/7 endeavor.

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Where is the EMV card 10 months later?

In an effort to encourage more widespread use of EMV cards, the banks and the companies that process credit card payments set a date of October 1, 2015 for credit card issuers and retailers to switch to EMV card technology.  These banks and credit card processing companies, however, did not have the authority to mandate that all credit card companies and retailers switch to the EMV technology, but, they did have the authority to pass the liability for fraudulent credit card use to either the credit card companies not issuing EMV credit cards or the retailers if they did not upgrade their card processing equipment to EMV terminals.  Previously, the liability for fraudulent credit card use ultimately rested with the banks. The transition to EMV cards has been slow here in US for two reasons :

  • First, is the cost of equipment which can run into tens of thousands of dollars.
  • And second, EMV cards do not require the use of a PIN, instead only a signature is required, which is not a very effective verification.
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