Your Monthly Gazette: Issue 2.05 - May 2016

From the Editor

It's May -- and that means flowers, sunshine, and Mom! 

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I can only imagine the creations that are in the works to honour Mothers everywhere. 

If you are working on a last minute item or are stuck for an idea, you can check out the items shared in our "Theme of the Month" (see below).

And then, once you've got the Moms covered, you know that next month is all about "Dad", right? 

Better get busy! Happy creating.

~ Debbie

Quarterly Awards

And Our Winners Are ...

Congratulations to our Award Winner,  Madalynne Homme, with her entry of "My Garden Over Grows It" and to all of our Award recipients.
(See full list of Award Winners here.)

And thank you to everyone who participated with the 14 entries and to those who voted! 

Interview With A Jeweler


I am sure I say this every time, but it is so true: I love reading people's stories! 

Our interview, this month, is with -tinkerbell8228-Melissa, who shares with us how her journey into jewelry-making all began: "I started making jewelry almost 11 years ago. A family friend gave me a few boxes of beads. They sat for a while not sure if I was ever going to use them. Then one winter stormy day we lost power. So I started tinkering with the beads." 

Ah, yes, silver linings - a stormy night becomes the catalyst for a new path. Love it. (And I chuckled at the "tinkering" and how fitting it is for Melissa's profile name.)

Read the full interview here.

Collaborations, Challenges and Themes

Theme of the Month

It's the month of May and Mother's Day is fast approaching! 

Share your jewelry creations that honour your mom, your grandmother, and mothers around the world, for our "theme of the month". 

Theme of the Month: Mothers

Collaboration Creation

It's Collaboration time!! 
What should our theme be?

Share your ideas here.


You haven't participated in our "Collaborations" before? No problem. It's really easy. We brainstorm and vote on the theme and colours to be used and then you create!


Top 5 Trending Creations

Editor's Pick of the Month

Every month I am in awe of the jewelry that you, our members, have created and shared in our community. In April, we had over 50 items added to our showcase of creations. 

Savouring all the beautiful items, these Fairy Keys really caught my eye. I love spending time in my gardens and I have several fairy doors tucked away here and there. For me, fairy doors are the entryway to possibilities and these keys not only make beautiful necklaces but I am also picturing them hanging from the trees in my yard and the possibilities that they might unlock! 

The colours are dazzling, the wire-wrapping is beautiful, and the overall look - superb! 

Thank-you Annah Kay for creating these pieces and sharing them with us. 

More Beautiful Creations

Our Jewelry Showcase

Tips & Tutorials

Viking Weaving

Recently, Annah Kay posted a blog about her journey into using the "Viking Weave" technique. Well, that got my mind a buzzing as I tried to envision what that might look like and what it might entail in the creation process. 

Fortunately for me, she soon posted the first stages of her creation and I was able to see what the Viking Weave was all about. Intriguing!

I did a quick search on the process and it really has my mind boggled as to how you can "knit" wire so beautifully and keep it all even, but that is where the tools and the practice come into play. 

The history of this technique is interesting. "Viking knit is an ancient form of circular wire weaving also known as the trichinopoly chain.  [...] It's known as the Viking knit because several archaeological finds dating back to about the 7th century AD were located in the Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden." [source]

As for techniques, tips, suggestions and tutorials, I will leave that up to you to share in the forums, creations and blogs. I look forward to learning more about this technique!

Thank-you Annah Kay for posting your blog.

Stats & More

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