Your WoodworkingWeb Gazette: Issue 3.05 - May 2016

Well, May has arrived! That means warmer weather for me, here in Canada, and a change of activities. 

For me, May is all about Mother's Day and tending my gardens, caring for the many trees in my yard. Madts recently posted a blog about an osage orange log and that stirred up some mixed feelings for me. On one hand, I love the osage orange, not only because of the beautiful orange wood but because of its uniqueness in general and the funky fruit that apprently keep spiders away. But, on the other hand, when I planted my tree, I thought I could prune it and keep it all nice and neat. I should have read more about the tree beforehand! The thorns on the tree are massive (we've had a few flat tires on the lawnmower due to this tree) and the sucker shoots go crazy, shooting up everywhere, each covered in those 3" long daggers. I'm 99% sure that the tree has to go. At least we'll have some beautiful wood to work with once it is down. Maybe it will become a Mother's Day gift in years to come! Silver linings! That is life. "Gotta love it."

Do you have a love/hate relationship with any trees or wood? We'd love to hear your story!

~ Debbie



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Editor's Gazette Pick

Driftwood, moss, pinecones ... how can you not love it? 

These beautiful pieces, by Sheri, have a meditative effect on me, as I am transported to the beach and into the solitude of the forest at the same time. 

For some, these pieces might seem easy to make, but having tried to create something similar, I know that the selection of driftwood and the placement of mosses, etc, takes an artistic eye and vision. Kudos and thank-you to Sheri for her creations and for sharing her work with us. 

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Theme of the Month: Mothers

May is the month of remembering and honouring Mothers around the world. 

Besides a hug and kiss, Mothers love receiving handmade items from their children, no matter what the age!

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Interview With A Woodworker


It is always interesting to reflect back on one's life and see how the path has meandered here and there. 

Manitario's story is no exception, as his journey went from disinterest to practical, to ... well, I'll let you read his story for yourself!

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