Get Ready for a Faith Upgrade

Discover Jesus’s First Tip to Grow Faith


Everything good we have came from God (see James 1:17)—including our faith.

But once we received faith as a gift, it became our job to nurture it and feed it, so it can grow.

There are many reasons it’s important to grow our faith. I’ll get to two of those reasons in a minute.

And I’ll also share how Jesus said we can nourish and increase our faith.

But first, what is faith?


Faith is a Real Thing of Substance

Scripture says faith is the substance of what we hope for, and the evidence of what we don’t yet see. (See Hebrews 11:1.) Faith is a real substance. It is present on earth, evidence of the existence of something before it is visible here. Faith interacts with—and changes—the physical realm we can see.

God has created and chosen faith as a substance to work through on earth. And he takes it very seriously! In fact, look at these words of God from Isaiah 7:9…

Unless your faith is firm, I cannot make you stand firm.

Wow! That’s how intimately God has chosen to interact with this substance faith.


How Do We Increase Our Faith?

The earliest disciples once asked Jesus for help increasing their faith. And do you know the first thing Jesus told them to do?

You can read his words in Luke 17:5-6. In effect, he told them, Use the small amount of faith you already have. Use it, and see what it can do. Even a small amount of faith can do seemingly impossible things.


What Kinds of Seemingly Impossible Things?

We are disciples of Jesus, so it follows that we will do the things that he taught and commanded—including healing, forgiveness, and restoring people's relationships with God, among others. They are works that bring life (see John 10:10), things that God wants done to bring his kingdom to earth (see Matthew 6:10). That’s what we, as Jesus’ followers, are working with him to do (see John 14:12).


We Also Need the Faith to Not Get in the Way

Jesus did not do many miracles in his own hometown because of their lack of faith. (See Matthew 13:58.)

Wow. I sure don’t want my own lack of faith to get in the way of Jesus doing many miracles where live.

And think of all the people around you who need miracles.

So another reason we need to grow our faith is so that we won’t be obstacles to the amazing things Jesus wants to do.


Feed Your Faith!

In this month’s Recommended Reading and Resources and Parting Words (below), I’m sharing resources to help feed and grow your faith, and to equip you to use the faith you already have to cooperate with God in what he is doing.


Recommended Reading and Resources


  • Power to Heal: Keys to Activating God’s Healing Power in Your Life by Randy Clark – I’ve just finished reading this book and it’s excellent. I love how practical and down-to-earth it is.
  • Global Awakening, the ministry of Randy Clark, is hosting free live healing events every Monday evening and free live teaching/equipping events every Thursday evening. Check it out at

In my new book, Faith with Wings, I also talk about some other resources that really helped build my own faith for healing, and how they did that. And at the Recommended Reading page of my website, you’ll find many more.

Feeding on Scripture


The Scripture reflections I share on Instagram are also available on my website. Check out these recent posts at

Let the Stars Come Out!


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Parting Words


Just 52 days after Faith with Wings was published, I received healing from God of chronic health issues that had gone on for years, and that hadn’t been healed through extensive lifestyle and medical interventions. You can read more about that healing here:

If you are in need of healing, I don’t want you to add this to the list of things that God is willing to do for someone else, but that you think he doesn’t want to do for you.

God does want to heal. It's who he is. He named himself The God Who Heals You (see Exodus 15:26). Every one of us can position ourselves to prepare for more healing—for ourselves and for others. Here are just a few of the ways we can do that:

Every day I’m praying for God’s Kingdom to come and his will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. And that prayer includes your freedom, your health, and your wholeness in every way.

It’s why I call these monthly emails…

To your freedom, health, & wholeness,



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