Your Monthly Gazette: Issue 2.02 - February 2016

From the Editor

It's February, the month of groundhogs and hearts!

We, in the northern regions look forward to the predictions made by the sightings of groundhogs on February 2nd. My version of the folklore is that if he sees his shadow we have six more weeks of winter and if he doesn't, then, it's only six more weeks until spring! That makes me chuckle and a chuckle always brightens a day. 

As for hearts, well that is all about love! We have our soul-mates kind of love and then we have our passions such as jewelry-making! All crafting, from my experience, is very zen-like, as you get lost in the process, disconnecting from the world around us. 

I'd love to hear your take on why you love jewelry-making. Share your love here in this blog.


Quarterly Awards

And the winners are...

We had 22 beautiful and wintry entries for this Quarterly Awards event. Selecting favourites was indeed a challenge. 

Congratulations to Terrie, our 1st Place Awards Winner and to -tinkerbell8228-Melissa for Runner Up. 

A thank-you (and congratulations) to everyone who participated and who voted! 


Collaboration Creations

Last month, we started our first Collaboration Creation, which evolved into an exploration of SEA LIFE. 

This month, we begin a new Collaboration, which will be an expression of love, with a Valentine's theme.

As this is a "fun" activity, hopefully inspiring the creative process, there are no deadlines for posting your version of the theme. Post photos of your creation in the comments section of the final blog posting of the series.

Sea Life


Stunning Topaz

Creator: Linda Foust


Creator: K. Lynn Designs

More Beautiful Creations

Theme of the Month: HEARTS

Check out our HEART-related creations
be sure to post your own versions!!

Heart Theme
Our Jewelry Showcase

Stats & More

Stats: 2,035 jewelry makers making 13,125 comments on 3,304 creations, 190 blogs and 196 forum topics.

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