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108 Counselling Cases

( For the period of
January - April 2019)

Wellbeing counselling cases: 67
Legal counselling cases: 41

2 Public Education Efforts
  1. Sexual Harassment Workshop for young girls, in collaboration with WOMEN:girls
  2. Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Talk for Sg. Way residents in Cantonese
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REFLECTION: The past, present and possible

The month of June was a month of change: we bid goodbye and our best wishes to two of our staff, Deepa Chandra (Program Officer, PER) and Louise Tan (Program Officer, GBV and Services).

As one door closes, another opens. AWAM also welcomed three new staff this month - Lilian Kok (Program Officer, PER), Purani Mogan (Program Officer, Services), and Lochna Menon (Infocom Officer).

AWAM's legacy continues on, her indomitable will to stand up, speak out and fight against all forms of discrimination and violence is a result of the tireless work of the spirit of members and staff - both past and present. As we work in the present to create a future that is pregnant with possibilities for all women, we also must embrace our own possibilities and acknowledge that we ourselves are possible.

Notice Board

Revamping the Website

Lookout for our brand new website, launching on July 25! The website, currently under construction, will contain updated information that is also user-friendly.

Working with ASTRO

AWAM will be working with Astro Ulagam (targeting Tamil-speaking urbanites) on the issue of domestic violence and sexual harassment. Watch this space for updates!

Calling for Writers

Calling on all people interested in contributing articles to AWAM on all matters addressing gender, or a social comment from a feminist/ gender lens.

Cycle of Giving

The cycle never ends.
Some years ago, someone in need had come to AWAM for some much-needed
advice. She came back in June with these tokens of gratitude.

Changing Mindsets, Enabling Lives

Public education is a big part of our work. Changing perspectives on how we understand gender and gender roles is key to social transformation  - a world void of all forms of gender-based violence.

68.6% of Young Girls Sexually Harassed

AWAM had conducted a 2-hour Sexual Harassment (SH) workshop with a group of 50 girls, aged 14-18 which was organised by WOMEN:girls. The session was filled with useful information, role-playing exercises and a quiz which calls on the participants to identify acts of SH. During this session, AWAM had also conducted a survey on SH which yielded shocking results.

FBM #6 : Visibility, Invisibility and Hypervisibility

This month's conversation revolved around power and visibility. Who is visible and who is visibilized (made visible) and why, are pertinent questions when it comes to advocating for the rights of vulnerable groups. This also means that those who are invisibilized are depicted without power, having no 'voice' to speak for themselves.

Learning About GBV Helps Communities

Betty Yeoh had conducted a talk on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) at Sg. Way, Petaling Jaya which was organized by the Kg. Tunku ADUN's Office.


Womens's Fund Asia: Partner's Meet

AWAM was among several other organisations from South and Southeast Asia to present on our projects and share ideas and experiences.

JAG : Setting the Agenda

All 13 members of JAG came together to chart the agenda to advance women's rights. Each NGO presented their work and current challenges, followed by an in-depth discussion on current trends and possible solutions. JAG will also be conducting a nationwide SH campaign at universities.

Consultation: SDG #5 And the 12th Malaysia Plan

AWAM attended the consultation meeting with other JAG members to discuss current economic challenges and ways to incorporate a gender lens, and possible solutions in  tackling these issues.

Press Statements

AWAM released 1 statement this month :

'Dress Code or Sexual Harassment Code?'

An open letter to MPPUUM

Read it here.

Coming Up This JULY!
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