I’m delighted to announce that . . .

Following the undreamed of success of the hitherto nine volumes in our HPL PulpS Library, we’ve persuaded artist Pete Von Sholly and Lovecraftian scholar S. T. Joshi to pleasure us yet again with the definitive versions of three further epic yarns—namely THE MOUND, THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK and THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP. No sooner did I persuade Mr. Von Sholly than he promptly excused himself and set off for his tools. Knowing Pete, I figured the first pieces would be winging its way towards the sepulchral spires and lonely moat of PS Towers. And sure enough, so it was—take a look-see. Hey, trust me—we’re talking “stygian” here, ladies and gentlefolk . . . darker than a cluster of very dark things. More soon.

Talking of dark things . . .

Word just came in from S. T. Joshi that he’s well underway on another volume of essays from Ramsey Campbell. Although no publication date has yet been set (Nicky is on her knees beside me begging me to quit bringing in new projects), RAMSEY CAMPBELL, CERTAINLY looks set to put in an appearance next spring—hopefully in time for the Stoker Awards bash in Long Beach CA, where Nicky and I will be putting in an appearance.

e-Books of Horror

Sheryl has been going bananas on her e-books with several new titles up for grabs—particularly as regards BEST NEW HORROR, with the initial three volumes (that’s numbers 1, 2 and 3, Cardew, edited by Stephen Jones and that man Campbell again—and let’s face it, what these guys don’t know about horror ain’t worth thinking about) plus #26 (edited by Stephen alone). New volumes in the series—carrying on with numbers 4 and 27—will be put up (is that the correct phraseology? Well, it’s probably better than mounted) with almost alarming and certainly breathtaking speed.

Face it: we’re on an electronic roll here (I’ll have mine lightly toasted, please with a couple of rashers of bacon) and Sheryl has also got her sights on the first two e-DiP volumes of the short fiction of Ed Gorman, an e-brace of IMPOSSIBLE STORIES from Zoran Zivkovic and a few other e-items of feverish appeal. For those interested, already newly available electronically this year are POLARIS by Timothy Brown, THE NIGHT LISTENER by Chet Williamson, and James Cooper’s HUMAN PIECES.

TONIGHT, AGAIN by Clive Barker

Just in today from Bashful Bill Schafer and his Subterranean team of troglodytes is Cuddly Clive Barker’s TONIGHT, AGAIN, which carries as a strapline “Tales of love, lust, and everything in between.” Primarily an erotic volume, TONIGHT, AGAIN is certainly not recommended for the easily embarrassed: indeed, if my mum were still with us, it’s something on which she would remark—while leafing through the pages—“it’s rather rude, isn’t it.” And, you know, she wouldn’t be a million miles from the truth. But by golly, may we never become so blasé or narrow-minded that we take either for granted or dismissal written work of such power and intensity. It’s stupendous and, irrespective of its walloping price-tag—particularly in view of its slimness—it’s truly a veritable delight. Indeed, the single-page ‘Moved’ or the three-page ‘The Phone Call’ is worth the entrance charge all by itself. Clive, you da man, man. Still. No question.

We have five numbered and slipcased copies signed by the author and priced £75. Marvelous stuff (and an altogether great production job, Bill).

Coming soon

We had a great response to last week’s announcement about Neil Jordan’s celebratory volume on the work of Nigel Kneale, with fans of wonderful work (hey, they’re PS subscribers, right, so what else would they be!) fair champing at the bit to pre-order. Accordingly, we’re going to try move a little faster on this title so please do bear with me. Also sooner rather than later we’ll be putting up an order page for BLACK WINGS V (just as—and I kid you not—the indefatigable Mr. Joshi announced to me last night that he’s starting work on BLACK WINGS VI. (Hey, get those wallets out, you tightwads out there—forget food—there’s books to buy here!

POSTSCRIPTS #36/37 The Dragon's of the Night

We also just heard from Nick Gevers that THE DRAGONS OF THE NIGHT, the ‘final’ volume in the POSTSCRIPTS anthology series, is all done and dusted with Robert’s layout now fully completed. Here’s the line-up:

  • Darkness, and Darkness by Robert Freeman Wexler
  • S.K. by James Cooper
  • A Reverie of Time by Allen Ashley
  • The Wedding Photographer by Robert Guffey
  • Machinists by Andrew Jury
  • The Second Runner by John Grant
  • Surfacing by Lisa L. Hannett
  • In Passing by Robert Reed
  • The Dragons of the Night by Darrell Schweitzer
  • Last Post by Robert Edric
  • Texas by James Cooper
  • Untanglement: The Leaving of the Quantum Cats by John Gribbin
  • Karen Coxswain, or Death as She is Truly Lived by Paul Di Filippo
  • Rewrites by Keith Brooke
  • Everything Finishes by John Grant
  • The Day My Heart Stood Still by Andrew Hook
  • Madam, I’m Adam by Gary Fry
  • In the Macabre Theatre of Nightshade Place by Cate Gardner
  • Happy Sands by Stephen Bacon
  • The Man Without the Blue Balloon and the Woman Who Had Smiles Only for Him by Scott Edelman
  • Blesséd by Bruce Golden
  • The Hutchison Boy by Darrell Schweitzer
  • Abundances Above by Brian Aldiss
  • The Beachcomber by Lavie Tidhar

And that will be that. But hold on a second there, Hoss . . . Nick is currently putting together the 38th volume of what was once POSTSCRIPTS . . . and he’s aiming to have it go into production this summer with a line-up that’ll make your eyes water. Titled EXTRASOLAR, the all-SF volume with be trailed over coming weeks with an order page going up as soon as DRAGONS hits the presses.

One final mention . . .

We’ve had a great response from folks telling us what they’d like to see, particularly as regards making some hard-to-find works available once again. First up, from Joe Loubriel out there in Tappan, NY, comes this heartwarming plea: “I would like to see Stephen Laws, CHASM get the royal PS limited treatment. It's one of my favorite books!” Okay, Joe—we’re on the case (I’m looking forward to reading this one myself). Steve, if you’re reading this week’s Newsletter, then let’s talk.

​Okay, I think that’s about it for this week.

Bit of a frost here in Hornsea this morning but it’s gloriously bright and there’s optimism aplenty to be had, with the olfactory promise of full-blown spring and the summer that rides back-up behind it filling the air. Go get a hold of those you hold dear and head on out for the fields and the hedgerows. And don’t forget to take a book with you! Happy reading . . .


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