Absolution Snippet

“You’re mine, Siren,” he whispers against my neck. His breath ragged. “Mine.”

His mouth travels lower toward the top of my breast. My head falls back as he inches closer to my pebbled nipples. A soft moan escapes my lips, when he reaches the edge of my bra, the horn of a car blows as it passes us.

“Get a room,” someone from the car yells at us, breaking the moment.

Ratchet smiles at me as I lean my face against his chest, hiding my embarrassment. My body shakes with a mixture of over stimulation from the ensuing battle of arousal, excitement, and fear inside of me. I was so close to giving it all to him on the side of the road, regardless of everything else I have been through and still going through.

With one kiss, I sealed my fate.

I just invited the Devil back into my life with the master key to my heart.

I am so fucked.

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You can’t outrun your past, a mistake I learned the hard way.

Stripped of my innocence in the middle of the Californian desert, I waited for death. 
Then he appeared.
My vengeful angel. 

He’s everything I’m not.
He’s everything I want.
He’s everything I can never have.


I will not let my past define me.

Abandoned by my mother as a child, I would be dead if it weren’t for Jagger. He took me into the Heaven’s Rejects and saved my life. 
Now I want to save hers.

The superficial cuts and bruises on her delicate skin, don’t compare to the pain lurking in her heart.
The pain I want to save her from.
Somehow, I will find a way to get through to her.

Come hell or high water, she will be mine.

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