Three Outstanding Principals Recognized for their Support of Music Education

Policymakers routinely declare their support for music in schools, and yet when resources become scarce and tough decisions need to be made to save dollars, music and the arts are often sacrificed. From experience we know that it takes very supportive Principals to lead the charge by actively lobbying for quality music education in schools so students can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be productive citizens. 

This year, the Coalition for Music Education in Canada is pleased to honour three outstanding Principals who truly believe that a comprehensive music program is necessary for their students. Moreover, this year’s recipients of the Principals of Music Award (POMA) demonstrate strong leadership to ensure that music is an important aspect of the school life. The following describes how Sheldon Hoyt (Western Region), Debbie Linkewich (Central Region) and Lorraine Harnum (Eastern Region) make music happen in their schools.  

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“The main bit of advice is to fight for the program. If you are not an advocate for it, you will not convince the students and teachers that it is important.”(Hoyt)

“Principals must be willing to put money and resources in the program. It can be an expensive program to operate, but it is a necessary part of school life. “(Harnum)

“Music challenges students to think critically and to problem solve. It also develops a collaborative spirit and builds community.”(Linkewich)

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Youth4Music gives a platform for youth voices and for youth leaders to make a difference for music in their schools and communities. For youth – by youth – through music!

Check out this video from a recent Youth4music roundtable event held in Orillia, ON. 


The Youth4Music program will be active with events in Ottawa, Calgary and Saskatoon. Know of any youth in these areas that might like to attend? Contact Anah: youthcoordinator@musicmakesus.ca and make sure you’re counted in!

To register for one of our upcoming events, go to Youth4Music - Event Registration

Sudbury Tuesday, March 3rd
North Bay Thursday, March 5th
Calgary Tuesday, March 17th
Saskatoon Thursday, March 19th
Ottawa Thursday, March 26th

A team of youth leaders is working to prepare a new Youth4Music website that will include free resources for youth to use. We’re also working on our own newsletter. Lots more to follow soon.

Tell your students and friends about Youth4Music. To learn more or let us know of your interest, contact Anah – our National Youth Coordinator youthcoordinator@musicmakesus.ca

Healing Notes: Music and a Deeper Understanding

By Ethan Mask

There’s something more to music that goes far beyond just singing and dancing. Something aside from the fun and enjoyment we experience when listening and moving to those catchy beats. For many of us, music is the most effective if not only way of comfortably expressing ourselves. What we play, who we listen and dance to, and the melodies/lyrics that inspire each of us help define who we are. Through this expression, we experience healing through music—healing through headphones, speakers, instruments, pens, and our voices. 

"Whether it's through your headphones, speakers, or coming out of your lungs, music can and does change you"- Ethan Mask

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Wise Voices for Music (ON project)

March is coming in like a lion with the Coalition Team travelling to Sudbury and North Bay for a series of four events for the Ontario Wise Voices for Music. We’ll be in Sudbury to meet with as many as 50 youth for a Youth4Music event on Tues. Mar 3 followed by the second Wise Voices for Music meeting on Wed. Mar. 4. The first meeting in Sudbury was held in May 2012. We’re overdue for a visit!

From there, we’ll travel to North Bay to meet on Thurs. Mar. 5 with youth from various school bands and young musicians who are interested in what they can do through music for their community. On Fri. Mar. 6, we’ll hold a follow up Wise Voices for Music North Bay meeting. We first worked with the dedicated folks of North Bay last January.

Action Teams from both communities have been hard at work encouraging new voices to the initial discussions, and drumming up youth to share how music has positively affected and shaped their lives. If you’d like to attend any of the events, please contact wisevoices@musicmakesus.ca and Jennifer would be happy to add your name to the growing list of participants.

And we plan to be just as busy in April, May and June. We are currently planning Wise Voices for Music events in Toronto, York Region and Huntsville before the end of the school year. Want to take part? Contact Jennifer: wisevoices@musicmakesus.ca to help shape the Wise Voices for Music event in your community.

Have you been to the Wise Voices for Music website lately? We’ve added a number of communities to the Wise Voices family. Check out the highlights from our meetings in Kingston, Thunder Bay and Windsor. Coming soon – Ottawa highlights

“Connecting the Community”  CMEA 2015 National Conference/ Congrès national ACME 2015    July 9-11, 2015 Winnipeg MB

Be Part of History! Join Music Education specialists, icons and professionals from Coast to Coast for two exciting days of professional development, networking, music education advocacy and celebration. This National Conference is the first event of its kind in Canada in over 20 years. For more, visit www.cmeaconference.ca

“Success in Music. Success in Life. It’s No Coincidence”

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Need quick music education facts for a presentation, interview or school recital? We’re updating our Music Makes Us website “poco a poco”. Check out the new updates to the 'Inform' priority Quick Facts

2015 Music Care Education Opportunities- Room 217 Foundation

Music Care Certificate Programs This 3-level program prepares caregivers to use music in their care practice with increased confidence and theoretical understanding. 

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