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Welcome to Issue 2.01  ~  January 2015

From the Editor

We made it! Welcome to the New Year, and how exciting is that!

Here at, we are kicking off 2015 with another woodworking Awards event (see below) and that should be fun. I'm sure we will see the gamut of creations: from the basic toy that invites creative thinking, to the complex that requires creative problem-solving skills. We will see fun, serious, big, little, for the young, for the old, and, most of all, we will see the love and joy that the creators have put into their creation! 

That's how we are starting the new year and that will only be the beginning. Big plans in store -  lots of intriguing ideas floating around, and, as always, focusing on you, the members, and how to best meet your needs and inspire you to cut, carve, glue, sand, and stain!

And what are your goals for 2015? I'd love to read about it ... your blog is waiting! 

~ Debbie

WoodworkingWeb Awards

Theme: The Joys of Toys

… of building them, giving them, and receiving them. This Awards celebrates the child in each of us by creating a wooden toy. Big or small, any wood, any woodworking style. Along with your creation post, we would love to hear about the joy you felt during the process!

There are prizes involved! Read all about the Awards here ... 

Trending In The Gallery This Month

Bench- maybe a bit more than a bench
Created by Mike1950

"I had a perfectly good oak and red fir bench but got a great deal on an Emmert repro vise. Since I had the vise – Of course I needed a bench worthy of it. I get all these guitar reject big leaf maple blanks and had some walnut and hard maple for top. This is the result. I love making benchs."

Read more here - and post your comments!

Spline Jig
Created by kdc68

"I posted this jig on another woodworking site and it has been very popular. So thought I’d share it here as well.

I had been using a jig I cobbled together and I couldn’t have gotten rid of it soon enough. This is a pleasure to use."

Read more here - and post your comments!

More Amazing WoodworkingWeb Creations

See All Creations

Interview With A Woodworker: Kiefer

"I am now retired and have a small shop set up in my garage with all the tools that I could want and use both power and hand tools and have no preference they both have their place."

Read the full interview here

Photo by: HorizontalMike

Monthly Theme: Holiday Home Decor

Throughout the year there are many holidays that are celebrated with special "holiday home decor".  We are currently wrapping up the Christmas season (did you catch the "wrapping up"?) .. and New years. 
What is next? Valentine's Day?

Share your creations, tips & strategies here.

(Holiday Home Decor - By Kiefer)

Our THEME Library

2014 Blog Series

Since our beginning, in the spring of 2014, we have had a few blog series posted, following the creation process by our members. 

Here are a few: (you can find all of the blog series here)

Weekly Briefs

Watch for our "Weekly Briefs" - a quick look at what's new on the site, including Editor's Choice & Fans' Choice Creations and woodworking tips/strategies shared by our members.
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Last month: 681 woodworkers, 6,865 comments, 626 creations, 294 blogs, 200 forum topics.

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