Interview: Capturing the maximum of aviation finance ecosystem

Digital payments are on the rise, as companies around the world are hurrying to capitalize on new digital technology. By 2020, it is expected that digital payment technologies will be used for 726 billion monetary transactions, according to the World Payments Report 2017 by Capgemini. Searching for an outlook on the digital payment landscape in aviation, AeroTime talked with Ankur Kanwar, ASEAN and South Asia Regional Product Head of Standard Chartered Bank.

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The fading giants: B747 vs. A380

Almost 50 years ago, the iconic B747 was born at Boeing’s Everett factory near Seattle, the United States. Know as the “jumbo jet”, the world’s major airplane for long haul flights, reshaping the concept of in-flight comfort and air travel, allowing people to fly further and cheaper. For many years, the B747 was the symbol of commercial aviation and the most recognizable airplane around the world. But as we stepped into a new millennium, things started to change dramatically.

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A321neoLR: true game changer or marketing mist?

The term ‘game changer’ has become a marketing buzzword of our time and is thrown around so often on corporate literature that it has become so diluted it is often ignored. Take the aviation industry, for example, where technological advances can actually truly deliver a step change in result. The term has been used to describe both the Boeing 787 and Bombardier CSeries, but neither has yet truly delivered on their potential.

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Monetizing Slots, Gates and Routes
SKYdeals wants to reinvent travel retail