Hello, let me introduce you to BlueSynergy.

BlueSynergy Associates, LLC is a newly formed education and advisory firm committed to creating a safer environment in our nation’s hospitals. We align with DNV-GL Healthcare to maximize your NIAHO accreditation. Working to protect the 33% of patients that are harmed in our hospitals today, BlueSynergy spans the US to educate and advise hospitals on how to begin the sustainable shift to creating a real patient safety environment. Using educational webinars, on-site seminars and innovative advising, BlueSynergy engages in fresh perspectives of process and risk management integration that have not yet been achieved in healthcare.

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Here is a brief description of the suite of services we can provide to you.

BlueSynergy provides an exclusive approach to hospital clients, offering a variety of educational opportunities. Traditional risk and quality themes are presented from a hospital perspective, allowing better understanding, application and sustainment. BlueSynergy’s knowledge model is objective-based and designed to allow our professionals to educate and advise from this unique hospital perspective. This personalized approach allows hospitals to better realize their mission and goals.

We can provide many of our services virtually as well as on-site to meet your needs. We understand every organization has a budget and requires solutions which not only address the problem but also work within the constraints of their resources.

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Promotional Pricing

Now through November 30th, receive a free half hour of virtual advising covering any concern you have regarding accreditation when you purchase 3 transition webinars. 

The experience and benefit BlueSynergy brings to a healthcare organization.

We understand the challenges that you face in your hospitals, having worked in various positions as hospital employees.

Our experience includes accreditation, strategic planning, budgeting, revenue cycle, and the development of patient care plans. We have developed antibiograms, formularies and a healthcare FMEA training course used in organizations across the nation.

This perspective forms the basis of how we approach our services to help you meet your challenges.

The benefit to your organization is our ability to better allow you to focus on working at the top of your license or position description.

Monthly updates and news

We would like to send you a content rich newsletter monthly. Our newsletter content will provide value by containing only relevant, current information which can be quickly read and understood. The content will be about articles which are  deemed to provide value, accreditation transition insights, and links to popular healthcare discussions.  Look for the newsletter on the second Tuesday of each month, beginning in October.


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We engage in thought provoking conversations on issues that currently affect your hospital. We do this from a perspective that relates directly to your NIAHO and ISO accreditation.

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CERM Risk Insights is a newsletter which has over 300,000 readers. We provide articles for the Healthcare@Risk section of this newsletter.  This is a great resource for weekly, original articles related to risk.

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Why the name BlueSynergy?

Our business is modeled after the Blue Ocean Strategy, as we embrace an innovative perspective very different from others in the same market. Rather than competing with so-called sharks and creating a red ocean, we elevate our service to our customers with disruptive innovation, thus Blue Ocean. The customer, and ultimately the patient, wins with this new perspective.

Quick Tip

The new standard incorporates Risked Based Thinking.

It does not require you to implement a Risk Management System, or require an additional understanding of  another standard like ISO 31000 for Risk.

ISO gives up to 36 months to transition to the new standard. You should develop a plan which allows you to achieve this transition successfully within your operational and financial objectives. Use your current dollars for understanding the changes and for transition planning. This would include aligning your plan to DNV-GL’s transition requirements.

Do you have questions about where to begin? Please call us toll free at 844-424-7825 and press 1 to talk for free to Eric, or email Eric at eschulze@bluesynergyassociates.com. We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with more  information.

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