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EaP CSF Highlights in 2015

Presentation: 2015 in Pictures (link)

Our Successes

Re-granting 2015

Members of the EaP CSF Working Groups have implemented 15 projects in the framework of the EaP CSF 2015 re-granting scheme that was pioneered this year.

EaP CSF Regranting 2015 in a snapshot

Selected publications produced under the re-granting scheme:

EaP CSF National and Regional Success Stories

Annual Assembly

The 7th EaP CSF Annual Assembly held in Kyiv on 19-21 November attracted more than 250 participants, observers and guests. The debates with policy-makers and among civil society representatives on the most burning issues of the EaP, showcasing the EaP CSF results of 2015 and planning for 2016 have been the major highlights of the Assembly.

Summary of the Event

Annual Assembly 2015 in a snapshot



The Steering Committee and National Platforms adopted a number of statements in reaction to the key developments in each of the EaP countries, presenting their view on the situation and calling on decisive actions from the EU institutions, the EaP governments and international community.

Steering Committee

National Platforms (selected topics)


The EaP CSF organised more than 20 events this year, bringing attention to the security dimension of the EaP policy, AAs/DCFTAs implementation, visa liberalization and other issues on the agenda. You can find below the information about some of them.

Regional Events

Working Groups Meetings

In a snapshot

Working Group 1  Working Group 2  Working Group 3  Working Group 4  Working Group 5

Thematic Events

ENP Review

The EaP CSF submitted its position on the consultation paper for the ENP review that incorporated the proposals received from the individual EaP CSF participants and jointly by National Platforms and Working Groups.

The EaP CSF also contributed to the drafting of the European Parliament resolution on the review of the European Neighbourhood Policy.

ENP review featured prominently on the agenda of the Annual Assembly and provoked an interesting debate during which the EaP CSF expressed its position on the new policy.

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum


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