DAILY NEWSLETTER | 19 January 2018
Rumor: Boeing wants to buy Embraer, faces military objection

Boeing wants to get the green light for a tie-up with the world’s third-largest plane maker. But the deal is objected by the Brazilian military, which fears that Embraer’s ownership by an American company could affect the country’s defense programs.

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Preserving aircraft value: technical records in commercial leases

It would be accurate to say that a significant portion of any aircraft's value is in the logbooks. An aircraft can appear to be physically in pristine condition, but without the technical records to back that assertion up, the value of the aircraft is severely impaired. 

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USAF test upgraded C-130

The first to cut through an unusual afternoon fog was the sound that seemed like a swarm of millions of insects angrily buzzing in unison. Then, the nose of a C-130 popped through that dense whiteness followed by 32 spinning blades creating the ominous sound. The Air Force’s first fully upgraded C-130H arrived here Jan. 11 to begin testing.

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