September is finally here and the eve of October is upon us! But this month is pretty great, too, right? I mean there was National #ReadABookDay which occurred September 6! Yay!

Okay, so let's get down to books...

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Magic, witches, and mental health? I'm not sure what I'm going to be awakened to yet, but you'll be the first to know!

Review coming soon!
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About the book: When Lydia is pulled through spacetime into Jordan’s plane of existence, she finds herself immersed in a world controlled by the Guardian, an artificial intelligence. The Guardian’s sole purpose is to protect the power source that runs the planet; but it does so at the cost of all who live outside of its city. 

Like Sci-Fi Romance? Read it!

For September we just have the one freebie. But there are dozens and dozens of free books all in this one little link. Go for it!

Because who doesn't like FREE books?
2nd Annual Fort Worth BookFest!

The Fort Worth BookFest is back and better than ever this year! Come explore various genres brought to you by local Texas authors.

TCC Trinity River Campus

300 Trinity Campus Circle, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Saturday, October 20 @ 10am-4pm
TABI'S WRITING STATUS: Editing Timur's Escape
Timur's Escape is Coming Soon!

Abandoned as a child and trained by the Janissary, Timur has no memory of his parents or a life outside of the army. The only thing he knows about himself is that he belongs to the Ubir underworld, a group of vampires running the city of Constantinople. He despises what being an Ubir has made him do. His whole world changes one day when he finds a cure that could rid himself of this disease forever. Will fate unite him with his only escape?


That's a wrap! If you missed August's newsletter you can check it out here at: Last Month's Bookish Digest.

Happy reading and I'll see you in October!

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