KPA Select #1 Wins KPA - D'Angelo Russell (Ohio State/Los Angeles Lakers) Named MVP - Russell Scores 41 in Semi Finals and 39 in Finals

KPA Championship Game - KPA Select #1 89 Indy Young Gunz 87

This was one of the best finals in KPA History. Damon White brought a great group of players from Indianapolis to the KPA. Indy lead at halftime 52 to 42 and after 3 quarters were up 73 to 59. However that is when KPA Select #1 turned up the full court pressure to get back in the game. D'Angelo Russell scored 18 points in the 4th quarter, and finished with 39. He put on a show in this one, with some clutch 3's and timely drives to the rim. He has such a soft touch, and makes things look easy. Jomari Bradshaw (Florida A&M) scored 16 and Jermaine Jackson (Florida Tech) scored 13. Tyrell Means (IU Southeast) had 11 and some highlight reel dunks. Greg Foster (Saginaw Valley State/Ft. Wayne) scored 20 to lead Indy. Deonte Vaught (Cincinnati/France) scored 19. Corey Wickware (SIU Edwardsville/Ft. Wayne) also had 19 on 5 3pt. goals made. Joe Lawson (Indianapolis/Germany) had 16 for Indy.

 KPA Select #1 89 - D'Angelo Russell 39, Jomari Bradshaw 16, Jermaine Jackson 13, Tyrell Means 11, Martez Dow 4, Lafayette Jackson 3, Quinton Horton 3  3pt. Goals Made: Russell 5, J. Jackson 3, L.Jackson 1, Horton 1, Bradshaw 1

Indy Young Gunz 87  - Greg Foster 20, Deonta Vaughn 19, Corey Wickware 19, Joe Lawson 16, Comer 10, McClure 3   3pt. Goals Made: Wickware 5, Vaughn 2, Foster 2, Lawson 1, Comer 1

D'Angelo Russell Named MVP - KPA All League Team Announced

KPA MVP D'Angelo Russell (Ohio State/Los Angeles Lakers)- Russell averaged 40 in two games and lead his KPA #1 team to the championship. 

Aaron Cosby (Western Kentucky 2016) - Cosby averaged 27 in the KPA. He is a big time combo guard who can flat shoot the ball, and can play at solid level in Europe.

AJ Slaughter (Western Kentucky/Turkey) - Slaughter is a regular each summer at the KPA. He averaged 22 a game this summer and led his team to beg wins over Team Southern Indiana in the summer league.

Shelvin Mack (Butler/Utah Jazz) - Mack averaged 26 and had 30 in his first ever KPA game. Mack is a big time guard, who made his first KPA appearance this year.

Lyonell Gaines (Morehead State 2016) 6-6 3/4 position player - Gaines is a beast around the basket and is versatile enough to handle the ball and create missmatches. He also can shoot the 3 much better than his college stats. He had 27 in the semi finals today. He is an excellent pick up for an overseas team who needs a warrior, that can play 3 or 4.

Remy Abell (Xavier 2016) 6-4  - Abell had a great KPA. He is a big time athlete who can slash to the rim and shoot the 3 with range. He also can flat defend. He guarded some big time player in the event and did a great job. He is a great pick up for someone overseas at good level.

Joe Lawson (Indianapolis/Germany) 6-8 Forward - Lawson had a great KPA. The big man went to war in the semi finals. Lawson had 32 to help Indy get to the finals. He is a big man who can post and shoot the 3. He has a wide body and is agile for his size.

Deonta Vaught (Cincinatti/France) 5-11 PG - Vaughn has played in the KPA before and came to play this year. He shot the ball really well from 3. He hit 5 3's in the semis and hit some clutch ones. He is a big time guard who it was good to have back at the KPA.

Greg Foster (Saginaw Valley/Ft. Wayne CBA) - Foster is a warrior. He is a big time penetrator and can finish in traffic. He played real well for Indy. He had 20 in the semis and in the finals. He is a solid PG for an overseas team.

Jomari Bradshaw (Florida A&M)  6-6 3/2 position - Bradshaw is a big time wing who can score the ball. He can shoot the 3 with range and slash to the rim. He came up big in the championship game for KPA #1 Select. He is a solid pick up for overseas team.

Jermaine Jackson (Florida Tech) 6-4 3/4 player- Jermaine Jackson can SCORE the ball. He can score from inside or outside and is a missmatch. He is a wide body who can handle like a guard when needs to. He can shoot the ball from 3 or score on some crafty moves around the hole. He would dominate some of the smaller pro leagues if given the chance. 

Tyrell Means (IU Southeast/ABA) 6-2 Combo - Means is a BIG TIME athlete who can flat get up in the air. However he can also play the game. He is a solid combo who can drive it or shoot it. He gets up on his jump shot to the point it is almost impossible to challenge. He is also a big time defender! He is a solid pick up for pro club.

2016 Current College Player of the Year- Charles Foster (Trinity/Kentucky Wesleyan) 6-1 PG - Foster is an excellent PG. He, AJ Slaugher, and Aaron Cosby played great together. Foster can shoot the ball, and can run a team. I look for big things out of him next year at KWC.

Semi-Final Game 1 - KPA Select #1 97 KPA Select #2 82 D'Angelo Russell (Ohio State/Los Angeles Lakers) Scores 41

Game 1 was back and forth almost the entire game and finally KPA Select #1 pulled away. It looked as if for awhile KPA Select #2 may pull off their 3rd upset in the KPA Tournamet. KPA Select #2 had beat the defending champs Overseas Pros and the Kounty Boyz to get the Final 4. However in this one D'Angelo Russell took over scoring 41 and basically was unstoppable. Tyrell Means came up HUGE scoring 21 in this one. He went to another level in this game. He made some huge defensive plays and some amazing drives to the rim. Deontra Scott (Lindsey Wilson/Bowling Green Hornets) scored 18 and continued his great play in the KPA. Tony Kimbro Jr. had 14 and went to war in this one. Kimbro Jr. is a solid overseas pick up for a team needing a 6-5 2/3 type player who can play mulitiple positons. Devan Crain (Kentucky State) scored 12 and put on a show in a lot of games at the KPA. Crain is fun to watch and can score the ball. Ian Chiles (IUPUI/Tennessee) had 11 and looked in old form scoring the ball. Chiles was a big time scorer at IUPUI and you could see why in this one. He is a great pick up for a team needing a combo who can flat score. 

KPA Select #1 97 - D'Angelo Russell 41, Tyrell Means 21, Jermaine Jackson 9, Jomari Bradshaw 7, Matez Dow 8, Lafayette Jackson 4, Corey Jackson 4, Brandon Williams 3  3pt. Goals: Russell 3, J.Jackson 1, Bradshaw 1, Means 1, Williams 3

KPA Select #2 82 - Deontra Scott 18, Tony Kimbro Jr. 14,  Devan Crain 12, Ian Chiles 11 Tryston Ford 10, Tamron Manning 10, Walker 9  3pt.Goals Made: Crain 2, Ford 2, Kimbro Jr. 2, Manning 1, Scott 1

Semi-Final Game 2 - Indy Young Gunz 95 Free Agency Basketball 84 Joe Lawson (Indianapolis/Germany) Scores 32

This was a big time game. Free Agency playing without PG Darius Gibson put up a big time fight with six players. However Indy brought their A game and pulled away. Joe Lawson put on a show scoring 32 points and was dominate around the basket. Greg Foster (Saginaw Valley/Ft Wayne) scored 20 and got to the rim with ease. Deonta Vaughn (Cincinnati/France) had 16 and Corey Wickware (SIU Edwardsville/FT Wayne) had 15. Lyonell Gaines (Morehead State 16) had 27 for Free Agency and continued his excellent play. Remy Abell (Xavier 16) had 17. Deondre McWhorter (Georgetown) and Treg Setty (Ohio U/Belgium) both had 15.

Indy Young Gunz 95 - Joe Lawson 32, Greg Foster 20, Deonta Vaughn 16, Corey Wickware 15, Comer 8, McClure 4   3pt. Goals Made: Vaughn 5, Wickware 4, Lawson 2

Free Agency Basketball 84 - Lyonell Gaines 27, Remy Abell 17, Deondre McWhorter 15, Treg Setty 15, Marcellus Barksdale 10  3pt. Goals Made: Gaines 4, Abell 2

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