Serenity Vista International Holistic Addiction Treatment - Rated One of Top Ten Rehabs in the World - Complete Life Transformation
Serenity Vista Rated One of Top Rehabs in the World

Serenity Vista is very pleased to have been independently rated among the top ten rehabs in the world! Following are a few excerpts:


"Of all places, the Republic of Panama boasts one of the Top Ten private treatment facilities in the world."

"Serenity Vista with its roots coming from Canada has world class professionals and facilities."

"Serenity Vista offers a modern approach to recovery and incorporates health and wellness in its approach to a full recovery."

This distinction places Serenity Vista among the ranks of well established world leaders in addiction treatment including the Betty Ford Center and The Caron Foundation.

Just in our fourth year in beautiful Panama, we are honoured by this recognition and look forward to continued growth in helping people affected by addiction restore their lives.

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Spring Time for Recovery and Fresh Start - Serenity Vista is Unique in Providing a Fully Comprehensive & Whole Life Integrated Program
Spring - Time for a Fresh Start

Spring has spring across most of North America, the season of change and new beginnings. Days are becoming warmer and longer, birds are returning, and flowers are blooming. Spring is Nature's reminder of the promise of new life after the cold darkness. 

Where alcohol or other drugs or addictions have cast a dark shadow over your life or that of your loved one, let this be your reminder of the never ending possibility of healing and recovery.

Serenity Vista is graced to be located in the land of Eternal Spring. Panama is warm, beautiful, abundant and vibrant year round. Let this be your time for healing. For a fresh start at the healthy life you deserve! Lasting sobriety and a joy filled life is possible. Let this spring be your time for renewal!

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Here and Now is Where and When for Best Addiction Recovery at Serenity Vista Private Drug Rehab
Here and Now!

Here and Now is where and when all of life exists. So many of us miss so much of life by reliving an incomplete past, often with sadness or regret, or fearing the future. This is one of the main traps the addicted mind can use to stay stuck in the vicious cycle of the despair and hopelessness of alcoholism or other addiction. 

Recovery, like all of life, exists in the present moment. Where life unfolds, right now. Key to addiction recovery is gaining presence of mind and serenity in the present. The present moment, here and now, where everything is happening and possible, is powerful.

If you or your loved one feel stuck in despair and want help, let this time, now, be your opportunity to reach out for help. Serenity Vista incorporates mindfulness throughout the holisitic recovery program and stands ready to help.

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Serenity Vista Private Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment in Tropical Panama

Do you or your loved one struggle with alcohol, other drugs or codependency? Are you ready for a life change? We are pleased to help and will show you how. We guarantee that by the completion of your program, you will have transformed your life to one you truly love living!

Reach out today for the best alcohol & drug addiction rehab program. Contact Us now to begin your journey of transformation.

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