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Monthly Newsletter
August 2020
News from the Network
EUinAID project finished

The Erasmus+ project EUinAid has reached its end. Within the last 22 months, the project has created a learning programme about First Aid to improve skills and competences of young people. The consortium that included three JOIN members, led by our Italian member, implemented a mobility scheme with youth exchanges and training events for youth workers in Austria, Cyprus, Hungary and Italy. The JOIN Office has mapped and analysed First Aid systems in Europe, created a handbook for children and a video on basic First Aid in sign language and held roundtable discussions on the importance and offers of First Aid for young people in everyday life, education and training.

News from the Members
Germany: Annual Review 2019 published

The Annual Review 2019 of Johanniter Germany is now available. The publication reviews the activities, projects and programmes of Johanniter volunteers and employees in the various social and humanitarian fields in Germany and abroad. In 2019, our German member carried out 746,584 rescue and emergency transports, trained 459,799 people in first and medical aid courses as well as looked after 31,960 children in more than 450 daycare centres nationwide. Read the Annual Review (in German) here.

Germany: Johanniter provides help in Beirut following the explosion

Following the explosion in Beirut on 5th August, Johanniter International Assistance provides disaster relief in Beirut. Our German member is doing everything they can to continue their activities in Lebanon, although the apartment of the staff in Beirut was severely damaged. Together with their Lebanese partner Developmental Action without Borders - Naba'a, Johanniter has started the food distribution to help the families in need. Continuing reading

Italy: S.O.G.IT trains rescue dogs for coast guarding

This month, S.O.G.IT has continued the operational training with dogs aboard of the Lesa Coast Guard Alpha that has performed water surveillance activities. S.O.G.IT volunteers have also spent days on an aquabike to train their rescue dogs on other coasts of Italy, such as on Lago Maggiore and the Isle of Gorgona. See the pictures here.

Hungary: Johannita Hungary fits their vehicles with new pneumatics

Our member Johannita Hungary has received a donation under the Hankook Tire Hungary programme. The funding was used to fit the ambulances, trucks and a microbus with new pneumatics. Hankook Tire Hungary has participated in the tire donation program since 2011 and dedicated this year to helping national or regional public utility organisations, which are particularly crucial for safe mobility operations.

News from Europe
World Humanitarian Day

Celebrated every year on 19th August, World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is directed towards honouring humanitarian efforts worldwide and propagating the idea of supporting people in crisis. This day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008 in honour of the 22 aid workers killed in the bombing attack in Baghdad in 2003. In 2020, humanitarian workers are being tested like never before, struggling with unprecedented movement restrictions and insufficient resources. JOIN member organisations are delivering valuable humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable populations in many countries across the world as well as their local communities. Continue reading

International Youth Day

On 12th August, we celebrated International Youth Day and young peoples’ voices, actions and initiatives, as well as their meaningful, universal engagement. The youth of the JOIN-Family have shown great resilience, creativity and kindness in these challenging times. They have made their voices heard, started hashtags, engaged in fundraising and always stayed connected and active. The theme of this year is ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’. It highlights how the engagement of young people at all levels is enriching national and multilateral processes. Listen to the podcast from youth for youth that shows how young people are crucial partners in political processes and development.

European Projects
Upcoming webinar of iProcureSecurity

The upcoming webinar organised by the iProcureSecurity consortium will take place on 3rd September at 3 PM and will highlight the main challenges and needs of the Emergency Calls Centres. The speakers from Johanniter Germany, Johanniter Austria and St John Ambulance will present their experiences and discuss the potential for innovative solutions. If you wish to attend the event, you can register here.

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